Just wanted to say Happy Halloween. For those of you planning Halloween – here are some of the wild Halloween cakes they make.

On a ship, Halloween is an excuse for the kitchen to go wildly ghostly and guests to dress up….   Go to our fleets and ships section, see the list of chat sites and post your Halloween pictures.

New Orleans is the centre of Voodoo and a perfect Halloween place to dress and mess.

New Orleans features in the novel Cruise Ship Art Theft. The painter gets possessed. Who wouldn’t? Post you dress to impress Halloween pictures on the chat site, or DM them to me for adding here.

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Cruise crime novels are a whole new experience. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use. All the cruise crime novels will make you feel like you are in the adventure and on the ship – dodge the bullets and stay out of the romance. Ship and cruise accurate, the novels are a great way for new cruisers to discover a ship too. Please take a look by clicking the picture.

Cruise Smuggled Blood Diamonds is out at the end of 2021. It is a full-on action crime mystery and a romance that you will not be expecting. Blood Diamonds sees the end of CSCI in that Ship is dropped from the agency title. It is the start of the shorter name for the agency, CCI CRUISE CRIME INVESTIGATORS. For those following the cruise novels, expect change.


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You may have seen the author on a ship giving an after-dinner talk or perhaps in the theatre during the day. His page is here. Stuart St Paul – click here