Hamburg Christmas Market

Probably our favourite Christmas market, it does find itself on many Christmas market itineraries. The city itself is both charming and compact enough to be inviting and easy. The ship normally docks early and allows a long day so the visit becomes even easier and more interesting.

We have a Hamburg guide film which is very informative, but you can if you get book on-line get a morning ticket for Winter Wunderland. See our film, it can easily take two hours just being casual, and looking for all the detail and clues double the time. Then along the warehouses is a coffee roasting house and cafe which is a very relaxing and interesting contrast. By this time, the sun will have dropped and it will be time to head back to the town hall. The market is very well organised, large cabins in rows and the stalls selling hot red spiced wine appear to have to use mugs rather than littering disposable cups. The mugs have a deposit, but we liked them so much we kept them and got another round to make a set of four very memorable Hamburg Christmas mugs.

There are two satellite markets, one at the church with the time clock inside. see the Hamburg guide film, and the other by the lake where the boats are also lit and decorated. It is very hard to beat as a Christmas market. We went on the Aurora, which does tend to visit them each year. Fred Olsen’s Balmoral also gets to go there as do a few other ships. The great news about Hamburg is the shuttle bus stops a short walk from the town hall, the other two markets are close.

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