Hamburg Christmas Market

Our film starts in Hamburg’s city centre with the market at the historic City Hall. The ariel wire flying sleigh we filmed a few years ago is back; Santa Claus regularly makes his appearance, hovering above the market. Hamburg is dotted with Christmas markets, the largest of which is located on Rathausmarkt Square. We then take you to Jungfernstieg boulevard. 

An easy walk takes you down to the Inner Alster Lake. Here, there are more stalls with food, marshmallows and chocolate, jewellery and handicrafts, roasted nuts and cinnamon-scented baked goods. Before it gets dark you could shop anywhere nearby, like the nearby Neuer Wall, Alsterarkaden or Europa Passage. We did a tour of the town Hall before it got dark, and that, as well as a film of Miniature Wunderland, are in our many films of Hamburg under the port menus above.

 Hamburg is probably our favourite Christmas market. It does find itself on many Christmas market cruise itineraries. The city itself is both charming and compact enough to be inviting and easy to explore. The ship normally docks early and allows a long day so the visit becomes even easier and more interesting. As it is best after dark, a cruise day in Hamburg needs to be planned. Wunderland first. Coffee roasting stop next. See the town. Then the town hall. By this time, the sun will have dropped and it will be time to head to the market. The market is very well organised, large cabins in rows and the stalls selling hot red spiced wine appear to have to use mugs rather than littering disposable cups. The mugs have a deposit, but we liked them so much we bought them!

Jean had to have six mulled wines to get a set of six mugs.

Hamburg claims to have over 30 Christmas Markets

Hamburg, Gateway to the World, 14 November – 23 December 2022. Hamburg is Europe’s second largest port city, with an extraordinary maritime heritage to match. Christmas lights reflect off the waters of historic canals, while historic streets and buildings provide a magical setting for over 30 Christmas markets


Copenhagen Christmas Market opens November 4th …. very early.

Copenhagen Christmas Market Dates ; King’s New Square Christmas Market (Julemarked Kongens Nytorv): Nov 4 – Dec 21, 2022 ; High Bridge Square Christmas Market. But…. Christmas in Tivoli Gardens (November 18–December 31, 2022) is a great place to enjoy pre-Christmas.


There are satellite markets, one at the church with the time clock inside. see the Hamburg guide film, and the other by the lake where the boats are also lit and decorated. It is very hard to beat as a Christmas market. The great news about Hamburg is the shuttle bus stops a short walk from the town hall, the other two markets are close.

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