Hellesylt – an over night in the Fjords under a mountain some fear might collapse

Want to know what it feels like to be in a disaster movie? We don’t want to scare you butthe tranquil peace of night-time in the Fjords is rarely seen from a stationary ship. At night the ships are normally travelling to the next stop. Rarely do you feel the quiet of dark and deadly stillness, look up at the mountains and wonder if they are going to collapse, tonight, while you are in them! Trapped with no way out. But the Aurora and Arcadia both offer you that chance to imagine that experience and the Aurora dares to over-night at this possible deadly port. We could be writing the trailer or review of a horror movie. But just look, the Hellesylt Waterfall is a short distance from the pier and it cascades down through the village into the fjord. Imagine it bringing the mountain down. Nature with all its might is at your fingertips because rarely is a waterfall so close, rarely does it feel so dangerous. This small village lies at the head of the Sunnylvsfjorden, which is a branch of the Storfjorden, and Geirangerfjorden is very close by, and some do proclaim it will be wiped out one day.

Let’s set this movie up with the calm it deserves…. This former Viking settlement is just a place to unwind and slow down, offers an old church – constructed in its current incarnation in 1859, although the origins of the church date back to at least 1150, and an old hotel as well as very pretty houses, there are walks and hikes, tours to lakes and waterfalls. It is surrounded by towering, snow-capped peaks which look fantastic as the sun drops, ideal to marvel at with a cocktail. This is a model of a Norwegian fjord town. 

What the tourist sites don’t tell you is that the Norwegian disaster movie THE WAVE is based on the projected thought the mountain Åkerneset could collapse and slide into the sea destroying almost all of Hellesylt and causing an 85 meter high tsunami. Such exaggerations are the fodder of movies but this worry does have some substance; we wonder if that makes getting a mortgage in this town hard. If it does occur you will be better on the ship. We challenge you to watch the trailer, watch the movie.

Want a great cruise tip, apart from consider going to Hellesylt with the drama it deserves. Then have a look at Doris Visits, the cruise channel run by movie people…. we would love to have made this movie. Take a look at our cruise destinations where movies were made, from The Godfather to Game of Thrones. They often have movie tours. Hellesylt doesn’t offer the movie experience tour yet.


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