Interpol check cruise passengers

Not many ships use Tower Bridge cruise terminal because they are too big. But, Ponant is a luxury small yacht cruise company who sell their brand on sophistication and cuisine do use the small terminal by the world-famous bridge. They are also the brand being used to test Interpol’s new cruise security test program.

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Ponant must be doing a lot right because in the 8 years they have been operating they have risen to 12 ships and they now build their own to their own specification. Ships that hold as few as 200 and as many as around 300 are special.

They have been so successful they have now acquired PAUL GAUGUIN CRUISES, the renowned specialist in sailings to exotic ports in French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Like PONANT, PAUL GAUGUIN combines exceptional itineraries with luxury hotel services and fine cuisine to create memorable experiences at sea.

How did Doris Visits stumble upon this cruise line? Well, we are writing Cruise Ship Crime Investigation novels, see here. And we discovered that INTERPOL is expanding their checking of international travel to include cruise ships and all cruise passengers. They aim to strengthen security in the international cruise industry. Deep breath….

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A pilot test period was rolled out with Ponant because they are smaller ships and a test is easier. The trial saw passengers passports checked against a global database to demonstrate the system’s ability to strengthen security. The new system is called I-checkit, which features in the third book as it is the biggest crime yet. CRUISE SHIP LAUNDRY WARS – and it sounds so innocent. Interpol screen all travel documents against its databases and that includes those for stolen or lost travel documents. Did you know this was a real thing and it actually has a name SLTD. Did you know the database has 87.5 million entries from 177 countries?

Working with Ponant, Interpol says they intend to set international safety standards for cruising. You will see in the crime novels we go into detail of how the agencies share information, down to the point where ships know when they have a thief on board. However, amazing how much they know about each and every one of us, the main aim is to cut down on terrorists, sex crimes, drugs and organised crimes. Now you know where the books come from.

Given the ease with which terrorists, organized crime groups and travelling sex offenders are able to access regularized travel routes. There is also a bigger need to read our cruise crime novels, Cruise Ship Crime Investigators because as you will see, a hit or a database match triggers an instant alert so the situation can be investigated.

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