Lanzarote, Doris Visits Puerto del Carmen

1001Lanzarote is another volcanic island with the darker black, red and white sand beaches and the moonscape parks that you can tour or drive through. The landscape is best seen from the Fire Mountain in the Timanfaya National Park which is famous for the fantastical shapes created by solidified volcanic lava. These have steaming hot natural holes or wells. The guides enthusiastically demonstrate if you throw a bucket of cold water down the well, it gets spat back up as steam. Camel rides are available in the National Park, and tours here will also take you to the lush wine country of La Geria to sample the heady local vintages. Head north instead of southwest and you will discover wonderfully verdant Haria – ‘the valley of a thousand palms’ and can enjoy panoramic views from Mirador del Rio. Equally fascinating is a visit to Jameos el Agua cave, an oddly shaped volcanic cave overlooking a saltwater lagoon where you will find a colony of white crabs unique to the island.

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Puerto del Carmen is where I used to have a small bungalow on the beach in Puerto del Carmen many years ago when my children were small, but the island has developed much since then.  The attraction to re-visit was great. We got a bus and went on a trip down memory lane to Puerto del Carmen and had a delicious lunch in one of the gorgeous restaurants overlooking the sea.Tours available from your ship and privately all listed here

Arrecife might host the biggest fishing fleet in the Canaries, but we arrived in Lanzarote on a Sunday so Arrecife the port was mainly closed. There was a triathlon beginning in the town. It was very easy to get the bus though to either Teguise where there is the famous Sunday market or Puerto del Carmen the main tourist town. We had to be back on board by 4.30. There was so much more we wanted to do. Next time!!Marella Cruises click here to go to their site and vie Canary Islands Cruises

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Tours available from your ship and privately all listed here

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