Cruise Traffic – Human Laundry is book 3 in the CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series.

Parts 84 on, Cruise Traffic is a job that turns nasty very quickly for CSCI.

Cruise Traffic is the powerful third book in the Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series, replacing Laundry Wars. It is also an excellent stand-alone read. This is scheduled to be loaded into the YouTube series in 2024 but we will try and add some parts before that. The audiobook, Kindle and paperback are available from Amazon.

Commander Kieron Philips is called back from his recuperation in Bequia, which could so easily have slipped into retirement. The problem with the three ‘King’ ships in the Mediterranean appears simple, and one ideal for Kieron to reboot on.

CSCI does not normally get engaged to deal with trivial crimes, and it soon transpires a more sinister crime is behind their engagement. The ships are being used to traffic humans, who join as crew in Albania and leave at cities like Barcelona or Malaga. As Hunter attempts to confront the executives over the real motives of CSCI’s engagement, he finds the two managers they report two have been released and his agency’s service is no longer required. Someone on the inside must be involved, but a group of women joining in Albania cannot be ignored. With the help of the ship’s magician, they make the next intake of women disappear and leave a trail of blood behind them. They have now upset a gang that has zero respect for human life, and who is ensuring that Interpol knows they have kidnapped the women.

Following extensive work on the screenplay and movie interest in this story, the original third book, Laundry Wars, got rewritten. Cruise Traffic is a complete reworking of CS Laundry Wars. Following extensive movie development, the story anchors around a criminal ring of sex traffickers using ships to trickle a constant feed of new women from Albania to the big coastal cities of the Mediterranean.

CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators take on a new member, Bedrîska, a Russian woman whom they know very little about, other than she is the partner of Georgie, the woman Kieron owns a house with. Actually, he doesn’t know much, if anything, about Georgie. The  still recovering Commander Philips is sent to join a ship with a seemingly simple problem; fights and disturbances in the laundry. However, nothing is simple. Bediriska now has to be undercover as his wife and share his cabin. Bedrîska knows that Hunter has played down Kieron’s medical condition to get him to travel, but does she really care, has she really got his back? Nothing is as it seems but the cruise ship must sail and the guests, as usual, must know nothing of the pattern of small problems that potentially hide a much bigger one. They are not expecting blood to run as they uncover a human trafficking racket.  Click picture.

The CSCI series starts here, and you can watch the agency build and the characters grow, and see who survives as it unfolds. Cruise Ship Heist is the novel that explains the origins of CSCI – Cruise Ship Crime Investigators. It is serialised as a free audiobook on YouTube. Start here.

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