Cruise Ship Laundry Wars. Book 3 in the incredible CSCI series.

Laundry Wars the book that turns nasty very quickly.. It proves to have a completely new set of twists and turns, and again, they challenge you to second guess the plot which you will never do in this book. A harsh wormhole of possible disaster for a cruise operator.

 CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators take on a new member, Bedrîska, a Russian woman whom they know very little about. Other than she is the partner of Georgie, the woman Kieron owns a house with in the ever more complicated triangle. Actually, he doesn’t know much, if anything, about Georgie. He is still-recovering Commander Philips is sent to join a ship with a seemingly simple problem; fights and disturbances in the laundry. However, nothing is simple. Bedrîska is Georgie’s partner, a woman whom Kieron Philips had a fling with. Bedi now has to be undercover as husband and wife with him in the same cabin. Bedrîska knows that Hunter has played down Keiron’s medical condition to get him to travel, but does she really care, has she really got his back? Nothing at all is as it seems but the cruise ship must sail and the guests, as usual, must know nothing of the pattern of small problems that potentially hide a much bigger one. They are not expecting blood to run as they uncover a human trafficking racket.  Click picture.

Cruise Ship Heist is the novel that explains the origins of Cruise Ship Crime Investigators. 

Cruise Ship Serial Killer is the start of Cruise Ship Crime Investigators and the two men behind it.

In Cruise Ship Laundry Wars a female investigator joins.

Cruise Ship Art Theft is currently in competition which has suspended its release. In it, one of the interns becomes the star of the piece.

Disastrous COVID-19 Cruise Romance is on the editor’s table, for release pre-Christmas, along with the box-set.

You can read any book as a stand-alone novel, and visit Stuart’s author page here

Within weeks of release, the books are doing well.

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