Laurence Murray – singer songwriter – cruise entertainer

When you hear Laurence Murray, you know that he is not just any ordinary cruise ship busker, just as the Viking Neptune is not just any ship. We have two versions of our Viking Neptune ship tour, and Laurence’s song Nothing More To Say/Red Thread of Fate is on both.

To us it sounds like it should be a hit, so please circulate the film and tell others as we do all we can to help. Laurence’s own Spotify page is here. The Red Thread of Fate is a love song, and is inspired by the Red Thread of Marriage, joining, and other variants of togetherness even when apart. It is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese mythology.

Jean speaks with him on the Viking Neptune – what a wonderful cruise ship. She asks him about the title of the song and he admits that he may have a rethink and go with Nothing More To Say. We think that Red Thread of Fate is a great album title. Just saying…

His Group – Taken from Press Release

A group who play a revved-up mixture of Rock, Electric Blues, Psychedelia and Soul, Laurence Murray Project is the brainchild of singer-songwriter-guitarist Laurence Murray from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band take influence from 60s & 70s Psychedelic Rock acts and are also known to produce a soulful throwback-singer-songwriter sound.

At the beginning of 2020, prior to the pandemic, Murray travelled to the Middle East, working as a Music and English teacher in refugee camps in Palestine and gaining new perspectives that would go on to influence his writing. Citing these experiences as a major influence throughout his recent writing and describing his travels as helping him gain “a newfound perspective on life and liberty”, Murray’s debut release finds him exploring themes of unconditional love, longing and dreams; writing with candour on self-exploration, hope and mystical experiences.

Later in the year, Laurence Murray Project recorded their debut 11-track studio album, ‘Still’ in the UK’s most remote recording studio, Black Bay Studio on the Isle of Lewis – in Scotland’s barren yet strikingly beautiful Western Isles. In February 2021 the grooving RnB infused lead single ‘Providence’ became the groups first studio release, with their debut album ‘Still’ due for release in mid-late 2023.

Stuart St Paul, who has edited the two Viking films to Laurence’s track, with his permission, used to work at Capitol Records and says that there is a little of Laurence that reminds him of one of his old acts, Bob Welch. “Especially Laurence’s song Waiting in the Wings.” Stuart remembers trying to plug the Ebony Eyes album, but says, “I think Laurence has a lot more going for him. Listen to the songs and see if you agree.”

Please share the Viking film and tell others about a singer that should be heard. Good luck Laurence.