Limassol guide. Jean shows us around.

Walking around Limassol is easy. There is a lot to see as well as the beach and sea to enjoy. The marina is probably the first thing you will see as a cruiser as the shuttle bus drops you off there. It might be you go no further as there are fun things to do like the toy horses to ride, bars and the Hansel and Gretel ice cream parlour. But, across the street inland is the castle with the best views, the alleys of shops, the new shops in the main street. More dining and bars and cats, yes, there are cats everywhere.

There are a number of churches, mosques and ruins and a small petting zoo in the park along the beach. However, the grass and pools along the seafront are so well kept, with play parks and pop-up concerts that you may never find the above.

Limassol is also famous for its nightlife.

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