London walks – Nel Gwynne’s London, the Fire of London

If you are visiting London, whether as a someone who lives here, or a tourist, the old buildings and the history of London is a wonder. The great fire of London purged the plague, and reduced the wooden capitol demanding it was rebuilt. St Pauls Cathedral was one such building. Nel Gwynne live in those times and went from possibly being a child prostitute as some suggest, to an orange seller, to an actress and finally the Kings mistress. her journey is a fascinating walk round London and a great reason to visit a few London pubs and look and marvel at the pictures on their walls. As a side, King Charles II was the first to have a Royal Yacht, and there were 83 such royal Yachts up to The Royal Yacht Britannia owned by Queen Elizabeth II. We have a complete tour of that on video see our blog on Ocean Cruise Terminal, Leith, Scotland.

There are a few Royal Mistress walks in Jean’s videos. Lillie Langtry is well worth a look for its reveal of Rules restaurant which welcomes tourists just for a drink. There is so much history there, see the film.

The Little Venice to Camden lock canal boat is a great tour and the film and blog are worth seeing.

Borough Market is a real treat, next to the Shard. Blog and film.

Buckingham Palace is always a favourite, but unless you know what to look for the buildings round it might be missed. And the carvings and artwork are amazing.

Take the Big Bus tour, that is a great which we will get round to filming. Big Bus Tours LondonIf you book the Big Bus with us before 31st Dec 2017 Doris Visits has a code that works with our link, that gives you 12% off. BIGBUSTOURS12

Tilbury Docks – London Cruise Terminal  Fred Olsen Cruises from Tilbury

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