Nelson’s Dockyard and Harbour – Antigua

Antigua is another of the Caribbean Islands where the public Bus is easy to use. There is a beach for every day of the year, so they say. Then the features to see are Nelson’s Harbour and the view if it from Shirley Heights. Then we are scrambling around; a cricket stadium that you are highly unlikely to get inside, a derelict sugar factory you will get close to, and a tour of villages. The island tour is, therefore, an introduction to Antigua and the feature of that tour is Nelsons Harbour. You can get to Nelson’s Harbour for $2 on a public bus, which is why we made this. They take EC – Eastern Caribbean Dollars. They will take dollars but expect the exchange rate to favour the vendor.

Entrance to the harbour is not free, whoever takes you. Unless it is part of the excursion. Entrance is not expensive but needs to be added to your budget although there is a great beach a walk away. On the bus you get to meet and talk with the locals, that is, if it is not full of cruisers which is very likely. The entrance fee still makes the overall cost way cheaper than any tour. It sits on the old, shallower harbour in the St Paul Parish, not the one the cruise ships use. The sheltered harbour was a perfect place for ships to avoid the storm. There is also a covered dry dock for ship repairs. It is a UNESCO heritage site and is a very pleasant stroll, with a cafe, a very pleasant bar and toilet facilities. In 1632 it was a British naval base. There are references to the British protecting the island dating back to 1704 when the British had about forty forts around the island. It is worth a visit to talk to the guides and see its history.

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