New England represents the ports first sailed to in the USA, so they fall all down the coast from Canada and down the east coast of America. Ports like Halifax, import for communications and the port used to send ships to where the Titanic had sunk, down to New York and beyond, great cities like Baltimore and Charleston.

This menu is in progress and growing, the major ports have guides in, with many in New York.

NEW ENGLAND, Canada down east coast USA

New York has three cruise terminals, Manhattan Cruise Terminal    Brooklyn Cruise Terminal   Cape Liberty Cruise Port  To check which terminal your ship is going to dock in, look here for the latest information. New York Cruise. Given the city is huge, the ability to dock cruise ships is limited. If there is a storm and ships take safe harbour there, things can change. The only one that needs a little homework, because not even locals or some taxi drivers can find it, is the Brooklyn Cruise terminal.

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