Jumping off the Statue of Liberty

Many people have seen the Statue of Liberty, but few can say they’ve jumped off it.American Werewolf in Paris began with a leap from the Eiffel Tower and ends with a leap from the torch of the Statue of Liberty. The film has some amazing stunts.

Stuart St Paul was the Executive Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director on American Werewolf in Pars, which shot in Luxembourg, France, Holland and America. He managed the action and stunt teams in all countries. After the grand party in the castle at Cannes, the film tested poorly because crowds hated the end. The end was reshot and that is the story that Stuart St Paul often tells on his lecture tours. Because he ended up doing the leap when the booked stunt performer could not!

Stuart is the executive producer of cruise Doris Visits which is funded by his movie exploits like Bula Quo and Freight. As he accompanied his wife, Jean Heard, the main presenter of Doris Visits to New York, he was persuaded to make a film about jumping off the Statue of Liberty, a major stunt for a major Hollywood movie: American Werewolf in Paris. He has been told it is good for the soul to celebrate past successes and share secrets, so this is the story of how it was done. As with all magicians, and he is a human magician – one time presented the ITV magic show Extreme Magic, Extreme Danger from the film location with Ulrica Jonsson in the Studio, they rely on tricks of the trade. Unlike many magicians, he shares the secrets here. Take a look at Jean’s film of the Statue of Liberty which was why she was there.

Appearance Agent: Stuart St Paul is with Isabelle Lee at CHAMPIONS

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