New York, Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island tour – Jean is there

Between 1855 and 1890 Castle Clinton was the immigration station of the state of New York. It is likely to be the boat station you will head for on your tour to Liberty Island. You will go through detailed security then take a boat to Liberty Island. Your tour will take an hour, there are restrooms but if you want to go up the statue it will take a lot longer and you must buy tickets to the top before you travel to the island. Should you also wish to then cross to Ellis Island as seen in another film, that will take another hour?

Make sure you leave time. The basic boat travel ticket (not going up Liberty) to both islands including audio guides as part of our Big Bus Adventure.  There is  a film about our host jumping off the Statue of Liberty for a movie. American Werewolf in Paris. The torch and flame room are not always open now.

In 1811 the Star-shaped Fort Wood was built on Liberty Island, then Bedloe’s Island. The statue, conceived in 1865, began construction in Paris by the designers of the Eiffel Tower. Between 1881 and 84 the statue was erected in Paris. To this day the statue faces France. In 1884 designer Richard Morris Hunt designed the pedestal and the next year the statue, already being called the eighth wonder of the world was dismantled in France. In 1886 it was re-assembled where you see it now. There is limited access to the crown and tickets must be bought in advance.

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Having seen the amazing statue, if you want to know how they jumped off the top, the torch, for the movie American Werewolf in Paris see guest Stuart St Paul in his film for Doris Visits.

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