Marco Pierre White’s Ocean Grill fine dining on the cruise ship Arcadia

Marco Pierre White on board cruise ships is a delight. He is charming, helpful and his classes and hosted meals are engaging.
He is all known to appear across the P&O fleet and has designed special Gala Dinners for Black Tie gala nights. The film here is an old film of Marco’s Ocean Grill on the Arcadia which is frequented by officers as well as passengers.

Marco Pierre White is an English chef, and restauranteur from Leeds. Marco has many days on board Ships.

The Ocean Grill – Whilst the name infers fish, Marco loves to cook with meat and there is a balanced menu that suits all including vegetarians. Doris had the Mushroom starter which came with a welsh rarebit on top. The main course was lobster which did not disappoint. The lobster does appear on the menu in free dining on the ‘Marco’s menu’ night, but then it is just one- half of the lobster. Here in Ocean Grill, you get both halves. You can’t have too much of a good thing! That isn’t to say you cannot ask for more in free dining, but there the natural choice is now from 3 courses.  You can ask for soup and a starter and make the meal longer with cheese after dessert. But here in fine dining, the meal is designed as an experience and there will be a soup, then a starter.

The food and service are both exceptional in a perfect atmosphere, then off to see a great show or sit in one of the bars and look out to sea. But no one will rush you. The menu changes during your stay, so it will either be menu A or Menu B, check which menu applies to the night you prefer.

The Ocean Grill on the Arcadia is near the atrium on Deck 2. Booking is always advised though if they can they will accept walk-ins. On wonderful clear evenings, a table by the window is a premium though when in Asia or the Caribbean the sun may have set by the time you eat, and on the Baltic and other northern cruises the sun may never set. The only disadvantage of sitting at the window is that people do look to the windows so you will, by default have people glance your way. If you want a private evening, then choose your table during the day and reserve it.

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MARCO PIERRE WHITE Special events on board when he is there including hosted dinners, which is like going to your own private dinner party with Marco. On Britannia, you can watch as Marco prepares your delicious three-course meal before your eyes because this will happen in the cookery club. You then sit with him for food and lively conversation and wine with each course. Booking in advance is highly recommended through Cruise Personaliser for Britannia or book on board for cruises on Azura or Ventura (subject to availability). Marco normally also does Q&A sessions and book signings.

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The Arcadia – The only other fine dining restaurant on the Arcadia is the Sindhu which is at the top of the middle lift, opposite East. East is Doris’s favourite bar on the Arcadia as she tells you in her tour of the ship. The Sindhu is covered in another film on our channel. A small premium is charged for the fine dining options, but, it is a very special evening out with a high level of personal service. Click here for the Sindhu film without the ship tour.

In the Doris Visits tour of the cruise ship Arcadia, both the Ocean Grill and Sindhu films are included with other dining and entertainment areas. Click here for the tour of the ARCADIA.

The Ocean Grill normally rotates two menus. As we are official affiliates of P&O, you can book your holiday here now or if you have booked already and have your details which, will have come via the internet, you can book a table at the Ocean Grill as well as excursions via your cruise planner. The internet is a wonderful thing! It is best to book and reserve and then cancel if things change.