Oistins Fish Night in Barbados, Doris Visits the very special night out.

If you are in Barbados on a Friday night, then at Oistins, it is party night. Friday night is a fish festival every week.

You actually pass the Oistins area on the way to Bridgetown from the airport, but if you are a cruise passenger, it is frustrating that you can’t say to the driver, ‘can you just drop me off?’ He can’t. That is because you have not immigrated to the ship’s care. But when you have been, the number 11 bus will take you there as the film shows.

Oistins gets going once it is dark, and it gets packed. People grab seats, groups find it hard to sit together. It is busy. Turn up relatively early and try and take a table, but they are restaurant tables. It is an alfresco restaurant area, so after you have eaten, then seats are needed for the next sitting. However, when the music starts… you will not be sitting.

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All of Barbados is easy by bus, and the buses run fairly late. We have never had a problem walking around the streets at night, or going to bars, but stay in lit streets, use the buses and tourist areas.