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This is where we give ideas for your onboard spend in the land-based shops. Most of the items will come by ship from somewhere.

Every year since we started to film a few cruise destinations, Doris Visits has grown. Often reluctantly and with doubts about the name. But the name stuck, and we have kept cruising. This retirement hobby has become a way of life.

The Cruise Ship Crime Novels and any other small trickle of income are put straight back in to pay for the host server, software programs, and widgets. We cruise as guest entertainers with a few tales to tell, so Doris Visits is our way of giving back. It is to help cruisers help each other as well as further my retirement goal.

What is my goal? As a filmmaker of over 50 years, now retired, I would like to see my series of books made into films. It has happened to previous novels and screenplays of mine, so it is not far-fetched. However, these are cruise novels, so on first look, it appears they would be expensive and complicated. Having cruised a lot, and made many films, I think they are all possible.

CRUISE WEAR – The TEE MILL collection for Doris Visits – Love to cruise

CRUISE AUTHORS & NOVELISTS – The easy present under a tenner

A Collection of Cruise Gift Ideas we have found






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