Novel – The Perfect Storm (bk2) – Sally Katz – The sea gets very rough for Violet takes place on a cruise in the Baltic

This is an adult romantic thriller set on a Baltic cruise. It takes in a number of the most popular ports, there is a near murder, and then to escape Violet has to change ships. The ships and the ports are accurate which means you feel like you’re living the actual cruise. The romance is of an adult nature and those who liked Fifty Shades of Grey but also like a driving story of escape and plotting will like this. It is the second of three books about Violet.

Perfect Storm is the second in the Solo Cruiser series, the sequel to Virgin Voyage. Violet Becket continues to discover herself and life, becoming a strong solo woman of a certain age who would still like to find romance. Her dark past drifts further out to the ocean and she feels she can talk about things if she has to, though there is little need. Her new career opens the door for some lusty adventures though she would like to find the right man, the mistakes along the way build towards a huge romantic disaster in the Baltics. How can love be so life and death? This incredible insight into cruise life above and below decks, though story driven is peppered with just enough of the workings of the ship and the marketing of a cruise company to explain how through her eyes she can see how things could improve. Violet makes herself invaluable to the cruise company, but what she would like to be is invaluable to a partner. Add in interesting descriptions of her stops in Bruges, Copenhagen, St Petersburg and Helsinki where a crime unfolds and you find these very rich books pay off in a very edgy way. This is the Romantic and Raunchy version, a lighter version which is story and romance only is available as The Perfect Storm. The difference is only about 400 words, but it is for those who might be offended by some terms in the full-fat version.

SHIPS & CHAT – Read a cruise novel, share with the community for your cruise operator or ship. You will find them here + share  – clickSally Katz used the Doris Visits films on the ports to research this trilogy as she is a land-based cruise journalist. We met her when she asked for permission to use the material and she has been a friend of Doris Visits ever since. Doris Visits featured books all happen on cruises. They are books that supplement a cruise. Sally Katz writes adult fiction. These books have featured in the Amazon charts.




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