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We love the world of radio… but what is whispersync? It is when you sit reading a book along to listening to it being read as an audiobook. – yes that is a thing. What is listen, watch, chat? That is what you do while watching TV, right? Having a smartphone out and saying to your WhatsApp group, did you just see that?

These are a few of our radio / listen / podcast offerings.

Question? Who, took over the Steve Wright radio show on Radio Orwell back in the summer of 1979 when he joined Radio 1? It was the Doris Visits pair, Stuart with Jean. Now, for the first time presenting a show together in over 43 years they chat cruising on a Sunday morning. (more detail at the bottom)

Jean presents the cruise port guides on the Doris Visits Cruise TV Channel… YouTube.com/@DorisVisits or on your smart TV as a Channel. If you have not subscribed, please pop over and have a look and save, like, feature, or make it a channel on your smart TV with the YouTube app.






Cruising with Doris Visits also takes place in a fun podcast. We have episodes on cruise ship comedians, and on magicians, and we have started to interview cruise ship celebrities.

Learning this new media with us will be an adventure. Radio is not new to us, but the podcast world is. It appears we should have one channel, so everything is going to be called uCruise Doris Visits.

It will take us a while to then make covers for each episode so the listener can differentiate between the types of shows. 2023 will be exciting. There are ten original shows, then the Christmas and New Year specials. It is likely we will run the first book weekly until we start a new adventure, and we do have a plan in mind. Time is always our enemy, and cruising is often too much fun to work.

However, join in. Guests can send in the red-hot-chair-type memory of an extraordinary cruise ship experience or cruise destination moment via this website contact address. It should be clearly recorded and around 90 seconds or less (can do so on your smartphone and send). Sending it confirms that it can be used in any Doris Visits output. It may end up in a future podcast episode.

The blogs that are associated with the podcast episodes above include links and films discussed in the podcast.

Cruise Podcast 13 – Marty Kristian ‘taught the world to sing’ in The New Seekers

A celebrity guest who is often found on a ship somewhere at sea is Marty Kristian, with his wife Carol. He talks about his first cruise,

CRUISE PODCAST double – 11&12 – Royal Photographer Ken Lennox on Queen Elizabeth II

Ken Lennox photographed HRH Queen Elizabeth II for sixty-five of her 70-year reign. He was only 13

CRUISE PODCAST – 10 Magician Manuel Martinez

Jean and Stuart talk to the winner of the coveted Stage Magician of the Year Award (given by the inner Magic Circle), and the number 1 cruise ship comedy comedian

CRUISE PODCAST – 9 – Cruising Solo – it comes to most of us eventually

There is a certain amount of trepidation in taking your first cruise, even as a couple or a family. But as a solo,

CRUISE PODCAST – 8 – Big Ship or Little Ship?

We planned to deliberately do three different ships this year. They were all new to us.

CRUISE PODCAST – 7 – The Comedians

We meet Phil Melbourne, a cruise ship comedian who has worked for most of the cruise lines and spends his life in ships, airplanes,

CRUISE PODCAST – 6 – Orchestras and Music at Sea

Music is a huge part of cruising, and the difference in music and entertainment can be said to reflect the ship.

CRUISE PODCAST – 5 – The Darker side of the ports we visit

Remembrance Sunday is a day to look back. Every cruise port has a history of man against man, from war to crusades, to slavery.

CRUISE PODCAST 4 – To Excursion, or not to Excursion?

Excursions can turn a cheap cruise into an expensive holiday. Even a day at the beach can require reliable transport both ways.

CRUISE PODCAST 3 – the scary cruise ports with ghosts and voodoo

Trick or Treat or fireworks on ships, it is the time of year for spooky stories and Halloween cakes on the ships.

CRUISE PODCAST 2 – Strictly Dancing and the Christmas Markets

Strictly Come Dancing heralds a time of the year when the leaves fall, and the fuel bills defy gravity.

CRUISE PODCAST – 1 – Why Cruise?

Why cruise? And how did Jean and Stuart first cruise? … on a world cruise…. and on which ship?

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Whose money is it?

The complete book is read in 44 parts.

HMS MURDER – The Good Ship Murder

HMS Murder is the working title of a new TV show for Channel 5 and Paramount+ is set on a cruise ship and shot in Malta.

CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators – CRUISE SHIP HEIST – Parts 1 to 44

How would you smuggle money onto a cruise ship? Getting alcohol on is hard enough.

CSCI – SERIAL KILLER – Listen free on YouTube. Or Book, Kindle & Audiobook 4sale on Amazon

Parts 45-83 of CSCI; SERIAL KILLER is set on the Pacific section of a world cruise.

Cruise Traffic – Human Laundry is book 3 in the CSCI Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series.

Parts 84 on, Cruise Traffic is a job that turns nasty very quickly for CSCI.


Art is a huge feature onboard ship. Open to theft.

CSCI book 5 – Disastrous Cruise Romance

Regular cruise ship guest, celebrity stuntman, director, and author Stuart St Paul has appeared in three James Bond and was the Queen Alien in James Cameron’s hit movie.

Blood Diamonds – how to take a cruise without stepping on a ship.

The latest fast-paced cruise thriller in the series of Cruise Ship Crime Investigators novels is Blood Diamonds.

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Your hosts at Doris Visits have not done a radio show together for 43 years …..


Stuart went from UBN to the back room at Radio 1, but left as he was offered the Breakfast Show on Metro Radio. He then went to Radio Orwell before being offered the plum job as the TV DJ on the soap Radio Phoenix. That was it, video killed the radio star and Stuart went from TV, to film, dabbled in stunts playing the Queen Alien for James Cameron and doing three Bond films, then becoming a screenwriter and award-winning director. The soap opera Emmerdale held him as a consultant to their action from the plane crash he helped design, and for another 26 years. He was so much a part of the bricks and mortar there they had him present a number of the ITV 2 behind-the-scenes shows, and he was interviewed by the likes of Emma Bunting on Too Much TV and sent to a cruise ship to speak on the show. That was it… he was a cruiser….

Jean played the character Doris in e web series in which she twice won the New York We Love Soaps number 1 actress award. Doris had a spin-off travel show, and she still presents Doris Visits. The films are ship tours and port guides on the Doris Visits Cruise TV Channel… if you have not subscribed, please pop over and have a look and save, like, feature, or make it a channel on your smart TV with the YouTube app. Jean started in theatre in shows like the Cilla Black Show and went on to gain West End credits as an actress. She has done a lot of film and TV and most of her time is now spent presenting shows and corporate films. She has twice played at the Edinburgh Festival and was in the Edinburgh Film Festival winner – the movie Grass Arena, with Oscar winner Mark Rylance. She has her own one-woman show, Royal Mistresses, which is often seen on ships. Let’s assume that makes them cruisers… more than a few times a year.