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Portsmouth – a naval base or a cruise port?

Portsmouth – a naval base or a cruise port?

Portsmouth has the attraction of being the home of the British Royal Navy. About 75% of the UK’s fleet is based here including the UK’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. As a historic shipyard you might wish to afford time to see the Mary Rose Museum, the historic HMS Warrior and HMS Victory because if you were abroad you probably would. But, a beach holiday is not far away! yes, just a ferry ride away is the Isle of Wight with an unusual micro climate. See our film on the IOW which also shows you how easy it is to get to Portsmouth from Waterloo Station by train, and the IOW Botanical Gardens has its own film. 

The Portsmouth passenger terminal was opened in May 2011 but has yet to be taken up by very many cruise operators who have long term deals elsewhere. Current cruise operators include Ponant, Phoenix Reisen, Viking and Saga. The Viking Star, Viking Sky and Saga Sapphire are amongst the ships using this port.

If you wish to stop over in Portsmouth, then the local site will be helpful. www.visitportsmouth.co.uk

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