Private Tours In Corfu, a great source of research as to what is there.

Corfu is a classic and historic holiday destination for Brits and there is a lot to do there. It is the home of the Durrells TV series, it is an island where a week is not enough. If you are stopping for a short day on a ship you will need to plan if you want to see more than the old town. Hiring a car might be an option, take your driving license – you should always carry that as proof of age in case you get asked in a bar !! Or want a seniors-entrance somewhere.

Endless sun means you might want to know about the beaches and how to get there. Corfu is the most popular, and one of the largest Greek islands. It is easy to underestimate just how much it has to offer. We will be doing extensive filming there and on much of Greece later in 2018. This is where your ship stops.

P&O say – Head inland, through heavily-scented pine woods, and you will find tiny villages like Sokraki where only Greek is spoken and time appears to have stood still. And the capital, Corfu Town, is Greece’s largest ‘living’ medieval town home to cobblestone streets and alleyways, historic buildings, statues and fountains. The stand-out is the Venetian-built Old Fortress.  

Marella says – Awash with colourful flowers, Corfu is big on beauty. It’s known as the Emerald Isle, and its golden beaches, lush green landscape and colourful villages will have you constantly reaching for your camera.  

Fred Olsen says – With thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, Greece’s influence across ancient history is such that it is often known as the cradle of Western civilisation.

SAGA Cruises offer more because they offer other lines adult cruises, so combine the Black sea and Greece they say – Enjoy a spectacular voyage from Athens with its classical sites to Odesa in Ukraine, Constanza in Romania and Varna, maritime capital of Bulgaria. Along the way, you will also cruise to Volos at the foothills of Mount Pelion, holy Patmos, beautiful Skiathos and the sacred island of Lemnos. 

Research Corfu with the local Get-Your-Guide tours.


It is the first of many Greek islands and a gateway to the Greek Island cruises, certainly used by Marella’s Discovery 2 ship that sails from there between June and October with its Aegean Shores, Adriatic ExplorerIconic IslandsAegean Meze, and its Journey to Jamaica starts here as it repositions for the Caribbean. The different itineraries mean you can choose 7, 14, or 21 days. It loads guests flying to Corfu as the Oceana uses Malta.

You may have seen the author on a ship giving an after-dinner speech or a lecture, his page is here. Stuart St Paul – click here  

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The Port guides here on Doris Visits are a great way to remember your cruise and share with your friends. Mystery cruise thrillers are a whole new experience. You may not have been to the ports in the novels, you certainly won’t have been to the parts of the ship they use. All the cruise crime novels will make you feel like you are in the adventure and on the ship – dodge the bullets and stay out of the romance. Ship and cruise accurate, the novels are a great way for new cruisers to discover a ship too. Please share.