Promises, Promises. The cruise lines make promises.

Obviously, contracts have terms, that both parties abide by. The cruise line offers the cruise, and you taking it is a contract. What is in it? Everything.

The terms of the contract that you sign, accepting those terms and the cruise line offering them, are done by booking, you stepping on the ship and them accepting you aboard – yes, they are both ways of offering and accepting a contract between two parties.

The cruise line makes many promises, as do you. They have to offer what is in the contract, and what they put in their advertising is important too as that can count as part of the deal process. So, the extra words a cruise line uses to encourage anyone to book are important. Some suggest matching prices, enjoyment promise, or just to put it right.

So, what are the extra promises they make?


What is a price promise? We are always cautious because it is ‘an elephant trap of liability’ so we are not offering it, nor are we travel agents. The answer to all these matters is to go to the website and read the small print. Or in the case of price promise, it is often big print because it is a sales tool. SAGA offers a promise based on booking early. We say, take a look and we direct you to the correct page on their website. Here is how they explain it. That elephant trap leapt over with the might of a Commonwealth Games athlete…

SAGA web page promise – click here to their page.


If a price promise is an elephant trap, what is an ‘enjoyment promise’. That is one to duck under and swerve for us as we cannot be liable for such a promise but guide you to the people who can. Fred Olsen makes such an Enjoyment Promise, and here is the direct link to their page to explain how it works. If you are thinking of trying a new cruise line it seems a very fair offer.

Fred. Olsen web page promise – click here to their page.


You’ve got the game now. Top Trumps. So, the next promise is, ‘we put it right’. OK, step forward Princess Cruises. Here is their promise, and yes, they do sail from the UK.

Princess web page promise – click here to their page.

It is the safest way to play because we don’t offer the promise it is always best to get it from the cruise line website. Print it if worried, but rarely is there a need. In fact, a barrister might argue that if you printed it beforehand you had motives… 

All we add is that if you are going to cruise, please take a book… one of mine. I started the web pages to support the books but now the book income goes a little way to supporting the webserver and licenses used by….  Please read the reviews. So many say they never read thrillers but were gripped. Those who read thrillers are also complimentary. Click the picture to see the book series.