Queen Victoria hosts movie premiere

Whilst in her second home, the Brooklyn Cruise Port New York, The Queen Victoria hosted the star-studded red-carpet premiere of The Greatest Showman back in 2017. Our exec producer Stuart St Paul is a voting member in the directors’ chapel and gets invited to many of these events just before and after Christmas. Which ship will be used this year? The madness has already started again (August 2018). It’s not because it is the festive season, it’s because the film awards start their rounds of voting, and wish to ensure that every voting member has seen the film and is encouraged to vote. Lobbying at its finest, and special screens are sought in the best places. Please vote, please vote!! The Queen Victoria welcomed stars Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron and, Rebecca Ferguson walking the red carpet in anticipation of the unique world-first award screening on a ship back in 2017. The music and the film have become enormous and may soon become a guest workshop on the Britannia.

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CUNARD DRESS CODE: Evenings on board a Cunard Queen exude a sense of occasion, but they’re also as relaxed as you want them to be. There’s no need to dress to the nines each night if you don’t want to, and you’ll find many areas on board where casual dress is welcome.” 

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The majority of guests travelling with Cunard embrace the chance to switch to smart attire by night. This doesn’t mean you’ll be expected to wear a gown or dinner jacket each evening. Smart attire simply means a dress shirt and trousers / a skirt and a top, or a cocktail dress. Essentially, choose something along the same vein as you’d wear to a stylish restaurant or the theatre on a special occasion.

At least twice on each seven-night voyage, there is a Gala Evening. They do ask that guests observe a black-tie dress code. Many guests choose to sail with Cunard specifically because they look forward to these events.

In addition – Gala Evenings follow one of a few themes. It is our experience at Doris Visits that guess actually research the theme of that Gala and purchase and take whatever it is. A 1920’s, American, prohibition period might be a theme. You don’t have to join in, but many will. We suggest you check. The answer can be simple, click the Amazon picture to take you into a variety of answers that others will be using.

SMOKING: For the safety and comfort of our guests, smoking (including electronic alternatives) is not permitted within the terminal or on board the ship. Although we have designated areas of the open deck on each ship where smoking is permitted, during the tour we ask guests to refrain from smoking as the ship may be refuelling whilst in port. Check your contract (booking terms).

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Musicals are the backbone of theatre on board ship. Adam Allinson who is a theatrical producer, and a showman himself on the Britannia, runs workshops on Les Miserables on board the Britannia. He is soon to start working with guests on The Greatest Showman, the music of which is always on in the office when Jean Heard comes in to do voice overs or write.

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Interested in musicals, want to do a workshop. They normally run either a Les Mis or The Greatest Showman guest workshop on the Britannia. To see when you might join, click the brochure box. The movie, The Greatest Showman is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. A story of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerising spectacle that became a worldwide sensation, inspired by the great showman P.T. Barnum who sailed multiple times on various Cunard ships to cross the Atlantic between New York and England. His most notable voyage was in 1850, when he invited legendary opera singer Jenny Lind (the Swedish Nightingale) to join him in America as part of his show. They sailed into New York on Cunard’s Cambria with almost 40,000 fans greeting them at the docks.


The Greatest Showman is directed by exciting new filmmaker, Michael Gracey, with songs by Academy Award winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land). It stars Academy Award nominees Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams, joined by Zendaya, Zac Efron, and Rebecca Ferguson. 


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JOIN THE NEW CUNARD CRUISE CHAT GROUP ON FACEBOOK Guests watched as stars trod the red carpet, but that is not unusual on the Cunard ships. Francis Ford Coppola and Ed Sheeran recently sailed on this ship to work on their craft while at sea. Past luminaries have included David Bowie who hated flying, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Wes Anderson and Tilda Swinton. Sting performed songs in Queen Mary 2’s Royal Court Theatre, Carly Simon filmed her Moonlight Serenade DVD on board.
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