Queen Mary 2 QM2 . The Cunard Queen.

Cunard’s flagship, the RMS Queen Mary 2 is a popular, diverse, and inclusive ship with style. It may be our favourite ship at sea. It may be the only ocean liner left at sea, still steeped in the ages of ocean service and the battle for the Blue Riband. That aside, as steeped in tradition as it is, it is one of the most forward-thinking ships at sea. The clientele is amongst the most inclusive and diverse (in age and thinking) and its food is more modern. Service and food are just that little bit better, and the decoration, from the flowers in the middle of the powerful atrium to the glass and wall art throughout. It is the ship we have stayed up the latest in, dancing the longest. The house band plays until 1230am or 0030hrs, the dance floor is packed and continues to stay busy. We watched a 16-piece live orchestra play in the main theatre (yes, they have two theatres), backed by a recorded and filmed 80-piece Cunard orchestra that played on the LED screen behind them. At the same time, they still had a jazz band in the chart room, a concert pianist in the Commodore Room, a duet in The Queen’s Room, another duo in the Pub and the house band in G32.

That makes it sound like a huge ship, but it is not. Although it is a spacious 1,132ft long, it only has a maximum of 2,691 guests (and their pets in the kennels). Amazingly, the crew manage to feel like a one-to-one ratio although there are only 1,173.

In the video we ask a trivia question…. the answer is found here.  




QM2 model – take the challenge. It is not as big as the one in the Commodore Club, but it will look good.



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