The Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland

If you wish to visit the Blue Lagoon, book in advance, both entrance and transport.


If the ship tours are booked, you need to use the Blue Lagoon’s own bus and buy a ticket for the Blue Lagoon. You need to book two bus trips, there and back. They need your hotel for pick up and return. These prices were Sept 2023. There are bus stops and they do visit hotels sometimes. We were picked up from the hotel. 

It is unlikely you will get a slot at the Blue Lagoon trying to book while you are there. It is busy. It is not cheap, but nothing is cheap in Iceland. There are other versions of hot springs, see our film of Aykureyri. Do not miss Perlan, and if you are going to give that attraction the time it deserves then the springs have yet another excuse to be pushed to Akureyri.


MUD PACK – Face pack

The mud pack is from a hut at the far side of the pool, pond, lake, lagoon… and there is a small queue that moves very fast. One man who sounded like a New York currency trader was trying to negotiate for two scoops. You don’t need it; one is more than enough. Watch the film. He didn’t get two, he just held up the queue, and the attendant servant was super nice to him. The Icelandic people are wonderful.

THE BAR – free drink

The free drink is at the near side of the lagoon, spa, blue waters… again there is a small queue that moves fast. For this they scan your wristband. Some were getting second drinks with a second scan of the band. Whether they were lucky, had set up an account, or paid as you left, I do not know. But you cannot get out without scanning your wristband, which you then drop in the return box.

Wet Bathers

There is a roll of plastic bags for wet clothes, and the towel that they supply you with, you drop into the big containers.


There are cameras everywhere. Everyone is filming. No cameras are allowed in the changing rooms


It is shallow and it is walkable. You bend your knees and walk crab-like to stay in the warm. It was deep enough to swim, but no one was while we were there. There are lifeguards all around and they are attentive. A top dog lifeguard watches from the first floor of the building with a spotlight he can use to shine into the lake.

Opening Times

vary as the seasons change. At the times when it never gets dark in the summer it is open until midnight.

What to Wear?

In general take clothes that will work for summer, or winter, and in the wind. T-shirt or big coat; who knows? It changes. Going to the Lagoon, wear something warm to return in. Especially if you are left waiting for a bus. It can be wet and cold if it decides to rain.

The water smells a little, but you get used to it quickly. It is the sulphur content. But the drinking water is fabulous.


We don’t know what each person is looking for, but it appeared all could be done at ground level although the main changing rooms were upstairs. The pool access was a slope with a handrail, both inside and out. 

The Coach

The coach picked us up from our hotel and dropped us back at the hotel. How? They use little feeder minibuses that take you to a coach station, as seen in the film. Then there is a warm waiting room for the exchange onto a coach to run out to the lagoon. BEWARE – if you book say the 6 o’clock coach, that is the time the main bus leaves the main coach station. Your feeder minibus may be up to a half hour before that. So that nothing is lost in translation, check the time of your actual minibus and if it is from your actual hotel door or the nearby bus stop. They have a telephone helpline.

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There is a chance, that with the Perlan and other things to do in Reykjavik you just can’t give the out-of-town lagoon the time it deserves. If you are going to another town or city, they may offer hot springs. Take a look at Akureyri. You can see all they have to offer very fast. If you have seen waterfalls before, then the Waterfall of the Gods might be considered something you can miss. The shuttle to the hot springs there is free, and it is cheaper.

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