River Cruising – the ships of Vikings

If you have been to any city on a river, you must have seen river ships. In some cities, it gets so busy with river ships it must be hard to book space, certainly premium dock areas. Living in Budapest while working for HBO I watched with envy as the ships came and went every day. I still have yet to go on one, and it is a bucket list dream, but my agent fills my diary with ocean cruises and the opportunity keeps escaping me.


For the UK traveller, they may be familiar with SAGA or Fred. Olsen, both of which are venturing into the river cruise market. But the kings are without doubt Viking followed by Amadeus. Other brands 


Viking Cruises like to ensure their customers feel at home, so all their ships feel familiar. They now have nine ocean ships and they are almost identical. Below is an example of their River ship. Their river ships are all listed here.

  • 95 comfortable outside staterooms (25 Standard Staterooms, 22 French Balcony Staterooms, 39 Veranda Staterooms, 7 Veranda Suites, 2 Explorer Suites)
  • All suites feature two full-size rooms with a veranda off the living room & a French balcony in the bedroom
  • Sun Deck with 360-degree views & shaded sitting area; organic herb garden & solar panels; putting green & walking track
  • Aquavit Terrace & Lounge, a revolutionary indoor/outdoor viewing area at the bow of the ship for al fresco dining
  • Viking Lounge & Bar with floor-to-ceiling glass doors
  • Restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows for panoramic views
  • Library & onboard shop
  • Elevator from Middle to Upper Deck only; no elevator access for categories E & F
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • Laundry service
  • Ecologically friendly hybrid engines producing less vibrations for a smoother ride
  • 40″ flat-screen TV with infotainment system featuring Movies On Demand, plus CNBC, CNN, National Geographic & more


It is hard whatever type of cruise you look at, to ask where it stops and starts. So, on river cruising, we cannot exclude mentioning that Norwegian water specialists Hurtigruten go to places in the north that few others do. We also have to add that even large ocean ships find their way into the fjords. So, we are not neglecting any ship from our mention of river cruises because the Amazon is a river and on the Mississippi, we get into paddle steamers. I guess this page is to celebrate the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, the Nile and many of the world’s other great rivers that historic cities were built on. It is just to say that Doris Visits is beginning to learn, with your help and we are a community, about river cruising. Here we start to feature here the river ships.

AMADEUS Amadeus Princess Amadeus(Cara)  Amadeus Imperial  Amadeus Star  Amadeus Queen  Amadeus Provence  Amadeus Silver  Amadeus Silver II  Amadeus Silver III  Amadeus Brilliant  Amadeus Elegant  Amadeus Diamond  Amadeus Royal  Amadeus Symphony  Amadeus Classic

CRYSTAL RIVER Crystal Bach Crystal Debussy Crystal Mahler Crystal Mozart Crystal Ravel

EMERALD RIVER Emerald Sky Emerald Star  Emerald Sun Emerald Dawn Emerald Luna Emerald Radiance Emerald Liberte Emerald Destiny Emerald Harmony

SAGA RIVER SHIPS  Spirit of the Danube Spirit of the Rhine Douro Spirit

SCENIC CRUISES  Scenic Jasper Scenic Opal Scenic Azure Scenic Crystal Scenic Jewel Scenic Jade Scenic Diamond Scenic Sapphire Scenic Gem Scenic Ruby Scenic Pearl Scenic Aura Scenic Spirit Scenic Tsar


VIKING RIVER SHIPS Viking Aegir Viking Alruna Viking Alsvin Viking Atla Viking Baldur Viking Bragi Viking Buri Viking Delling Viking Egdir Viking Egil Viking Einar Viking Eir Viking Embla Viking Forseti Viking Gefjon Viking Gersemi Viking Gullveig Viking Gymir Viking Heimdal Viking Herja Viking Hermod Viking Hervor Viking Hild Viking Hlin Viking Idi Viking Idun Viking Ingvi Viking Jarl Viking Kadlin Viking Kara Viking Kvasir Viking Lif Viking Lofn Viking Magni Viking Mani Viking Mimir Viking Modi Viking Rinda Viking Rolf Viking Sigrun Viking Sigyn Viking Skadi Viking Skirnir Viking Tialfi Viking Tir Viking Tor   Viking Ullur Viking Vali Viking Var Viking Ve Viking Vidar Viking Vilhjalm Viking Vili

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