Aida is the German speaking cruise arm of Carnival, that has the Pepper Robot to aid guests and the robots speak three languages. There offices can be seen on the dock in Rostock (our film guide of Rostock)

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These are the smaller ships operated by Aida, and the first three they ever had. The Cara was first in 1996 and was simply called the Aida. Anita was the companies second ship and the first to do a world cruise, and the Aura was the companies third ever cruise ship and will be the second to perform a world cruise (Oct 2018).

There are many Mistral Class war vessels, but this is the cruise ship class. You will see the same or similar ships called the Lyrica class. There are a number, operated by MSC Cruises and Aida and they were built at Chantiers de l’Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France. The Mira was previously with Costa as the neoRiveriera. Whilst some may jump to question our banding them all together the strongest argument for this is that the first in class often gives ship and class the name. Lyrica is way down the line. Maybe it is a subclass as the Lyrica is longer and bigger, but these are similar smaller ships. The Mira is about 216meters in length and can hold about 1,700 guests. The Lyrica class goes up to about 250 meters in length, over 2,000 passengers on 9 passenger decks. (13 total)

  1. AIDAMira (Costa NeoRiviera)
  2. MSC Armonia (2001)
  3. MCS Sinfonia (2002)
  4. Lyrica (2003)
  5. Opera (2004)

These ships for the German division of Carnival Cruises are built by Meyer Werft shipyards in Papenburg, Germany. The ships are 252m long, small by modern standards. With 14 decks they hold about 2,000 guests and 650 crew. The ship can travel at just under 22 knots. The ship has just over 1,000 staterooms and about 65% are outside. Two thirds have balconies. These ships are only operated by Aida so are all listed below.

Hyperion Class 300 meters long, approx 1650 cabins for apprise 3,250 guests, 900 crew on 18 decks and the ship manages 22.5 knots. Built by Mitsubishi in Japan, there were some delays and the ships Perla and Prima were not being delivered on time and changed names on the production line. family ships, they have a climbing area, water slides, miniature golf, cinema, glass ‘skywalk’ (45m above the water level). Entertainment includes a theatre in the round, a central round stage like other Aida ships, a casino, and discotheque.

Helios Class given Aida is a Carnival cruise line, you might consider the Hyperion Class an equal class to the Royal Class, and if so, the Helios class might give clues to the Excellence Class. The Helios offers up to 6,000 guests over 20 decks, 337 meters long, 42 meters wide which is daily standard for many ships, 184,000 GT. There are 23 bars and 17 restaurants, a casino, a water park, rock climbing walls, a gym and spa. The ship has a tropical theme. It will have the Pepper Robot to assist guests, that speak three languages. Go VIP in the two-storey penthouse suites with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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