Disney suggests these are one-of-a-kind cruise holidays. Cruises feature original, live musicals, world-class Disney-themed dining while travelling to idyllic destinations. This may include their own private island paradise. The Disney Magic is often based in the UK and is a regular at Liverpool dock but the island might be too far from Liverpool.


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P&O AZURA chat group on Facebook

Cruise Chat is the greatest way to share and discover. the P&O AZURA group by Doris Visits on the Facebook platform is the place to...

TRABZON, Turkey – available TOURS

On the Black Sea, Hagia Sophia has served as a hospital and a museum in the town of Trabzon.  It is the largest city...

P&O Aurora GRAND CRUISE R301 R401 R501

If P&O is your tipple then there are three choices to leer you into a longer cruise. They repeat each year. The Ventura is...

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