Small ships. The smaller the ship, the more personal the service becomes. The list is in a sub-menu to the right of this in the drop-down menu.

All ships are a luxury, may not be to another. However, the word small has a plimsol line. Small ships are generally considered cruise ships carrying less than 1000 passengers. Viking intentionally ensures their ships are designed for 999 guests, SAGA 987 guests maximum. This is where we list the holidays that will cost a little more, but be a little more special. This is our section for those operators who specialise in operating only or almost only small ships. Yacht, superyacht, motor yacht and ships with less than 1,000 guest capacity.

There are cruise lines that have a line of small ships or exploration class ships, and these are listed here.

Medium-size ships are those with guest capacities of 1,000 to 2,400 guests. The line becomes even more blurred here and the group is large. It is an area that is now sending ships to the scrap yard. When we suggest the line is blurred, it is because there is an argument as to whether Large-size Cruise Ships begin with the 2,450 Millennium Class passenger ships or the 3,600 Grand Class such as the P&O Azura – or whether the Azura is in fact now a medium size ship because the Britannia is the start of the Larger ships and the Excellence Class and the Oasis Class are now large ships.

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SMALL SHIPS it includes