Kong Skull Island, Jurassic World – Behind the scenes in Oahu, Hawaii

Kong: Skull Island is an epic $185m movie, both a critical and financial success shot in Hawaii. See Jean’s recap of the film after watching it on the Aurora autumn cruise of New England. Kualoa Ranch is where it was shot, and Jean was there in January while on the Arcadia world cruise and filmed it for Doris Visits with their kind help and assistance. Yes, you can go there, to Kong: Skull Island, where the stars made the great movie. The Arcadia stopped in Oahu, and while most people rushed to the monument of Pearl Harbour, although we took that in and filmed it too, we were keen to get to Kualoa Ranch. That is where epic movies are made. It is a vast nature reserve with huge valleys and rain forests that film makers for years have jumped upon when they need to shoot epic locations. So Jurassic Park concluded there, Jurassic World was shot there. It was a base for the TV show about a crashed airliner, Lost. Hawaii Five 0 has been there, but the current movie is Kong: Skull Island. If you have something as huge as KONG, you need huge; you need Kualoa Ranch. Take a look


  • Premier movie tour – is a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of many of the familiar movie sites of Kualoa’s Jurassic Valley, where Hollywood blockbusters have been filmed since the 1950’s at Kualoa. Few sets are left there but the terrain is amazing.
  • Secret Island Beach – Venture across our ancient fishpond on a catamaran and escape to a “secret” beach for a morning or afternoon of fun beach activities.
  • Jurassic Valley Zip line tour – Treetop Canopy Zip line tour has 7 zip stations ranging from 200 feet to a quarter mile in length! Zip on.
  • Raptor ATV tours. Our ever-popular guided ATV tours allow you to experience the natural beauty of Ka’a’awa. See famous movie site locations and beautiful mountain ranges.
  • Horse Riding – Explore the mountain trails and verdant valleys of Kualoa & Hakipu’u with guided walking horseback tours.
  • Jurassic Jungle Eco Tour – a heavy-duty vehicle takes you on an adventurous mountain trek through the tropical rainforest of the beautiful Hakipu‘u Valley
  • Quad bike ATV follow the leader tour – guided ATV tours allow you to experience the natural beauty of Ka’a’awa. See famous movie site locations and beautiful mountain ranges all at a safe pace! No racing.
  • Movie Sites Tour – The “experience” tour, The Jurassic Valley Movie Site Tour showcases many famous filming locations from the more than 50 Hollywood movies and TV shows that have been produced at Kualoa since the 1950’s! Again, few sets and a lot of imagination, the tour is on our film…


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It is on bus route 55 from the city, $2.50. Free to get in the ranch, the tours and prices for them are listed on their website. Check the current prices of the tours on their site. External links Wikipedia Kualoa site, Kualoa Ranch site

NEXT CRUISES THERE. Although we found no Fred Olsen or SAGA cruises going to Oahu, the P&O Arcadia stops there most years on its world tour. The Regent Seven Seas Navigator and Maasdam were there while we were in 2017. See our other films on Pearl Harbour, Kualoa Ranch, the Polynesian Centre, the North Shore, HonoluluTahiti, Bora Bora and Fiji. Or check out some of the great Cruise Routes.


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