SPLIT, Croatia – the very best of Split

Split is a small walled town established as a Greek colony in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. It is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest city on the Dalmatian coast. It is easy to navigate and walk around, let Jean show you around. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and like the videos. They play on large-screen televisions in glorious colour. There is a wonderful free walking tour that leaves the park at the North Gate at 10 am, Jean shows you where to meet. In high season there may be tours added at 12 and 2 pm.

Split is another joy on the beautiful Adriatic coast, it is the historic harbour where the Roman Emperor Diocletian went to retire in the fourth century. The name Split has often been thought to have originated from the word for Palace, but there are other origins.

The Riva, or harbour promenade, is the stage of the city life of Split, a venue for numerous cultural and entertainment events, the loud and colourful Split carnival, as well as the stage for meetings and live concerts.

Emperor Diocletian nicknamed “Jovius”, was Roman emperor from 284 until his abdication in 305. He built the palace in Split as his retirement home, a palace that was fortified. He was born in Solin as Diocles, to a very normal working family in the Roman province of Dalmatia unlike St George (see below). He rose through the ranks of the military early in his career and became a cavalry commander for the army of Emperor Carus. After the deaths of those commanders, he was named leader by his troops during a campaign in Persia. St George was born in Cappadocia, Turkey, circa 270AD. He was a high-ranking officer in the Roman army who protested against the Romans’ torture of Christians. Diocletian had him killed for that and his faith. St George was adopted by the UK and there is a bank holiday after the martyr. He is thought to have died in Lydda (modern day Israel) in the Roman province of Palestine in AD 303. It is believed that his tomb was in Lod and was a centre of Christian pilgrimage.

  • 0:00 – Port of Split
  • 0:15 – Split sign
  • 0:27 – Free Walking Tour
  • 0:45 – Gregur Ninski
  • 1:25 – North (Golden) Gate
  • 2:28 – (Roman) Bank
  • 2:34 – Palace Centre Square
  • 2:45 – Cellars (home of GOT dragons)
  • 3:18 – Diocletian – St George
  • 4:08 – East (Silver) Gate
  • 4:20 – Sphinx
  • 4:38 – Vestibule singers
  • 5:55 – Finger Painting
  • 6:09 – Diocletian dining room
  • 6:53 – Temple of Jupiter
  • 7:30 – Piazza
  • 7:40 – Old City Hall
  • 7:50 – Marco Marulic
  • 8:15 – Fish Market
  • 8:25 – Sea View Eating Square
  • 8:50 – Concert Hall
  • 9:00 – Riva (Harbour) Front/Promenade
  • 9:20 – Troy Preview

See our blog on St George https://www.dorisvisits.com/st-georges-day/  We float the idea that maybe, in the future it will be changed to Shakespeare Day. Why?


Split was used by Game of Thrones.

Other places to see include a national park, the Blue Lagoon, and rafting. For those on a crusade, in 1217 the castle of Klis (Clissa), was handed over to the Templars. It was a strategic point fort. Shortly after the Templars lost it to the King and they were given the coastal town of Šibenik in exchange.

Looking at the locally offered attractions and tours is the first thing a movie location scout will do to research a place.

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