St Kitts Dec 2017, Caribbean. Brimstone Hill Fortress. Jean’s video report for Doris Visits Cruisers

St Kitts is a very pleasant town to walk around and an easy town in which to take a local bus. We went to Brimstone Hill Fortress with a very helpful driver, and maybe should have gone further into the next village just to look at life, but after the 40 minute hike up the hill, seeing the extensive fort, then a 25 minute hike back down we were rather tired. The bus was very easy and we did not have to wait either going or returning, like all the local Caribbean buses they are very regular. The chance to meet with local people and ask questions should never be missed.

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The word Brimstone means ‘Sulphur’, a component of gunpowder. The fortress is on a  steep 972 feet high hill close to the sea on the Western, Caribbean coast of St. Kitts. Cannons were first mounted there in 1689 during the Nine Years’ War when the French used them to capture the English Fort Charles. The English recaptured the fort a year later and made it a fortress, mounting 24-pound cannon. In 1711 and 1731, lightning destroyed the gunpowder magazine. By 1736, the fort had 49 guns and within years it was considered impregnable. Some call it “The Gibraltar of the Caribbean”.

In 1965 the Society for the Restoration of Brimstone Hill was founded and the first complete restoration, The Prince of Wales Bastion  was opened in 1975 by HRH. Prince Charles.


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