St Kitts Guide. Port, Town, Beach, Fortress, Boat Trip.

St Kitts is one of the most popular Caribbean islands to draw people seeking the sun. This St Kitts Guide covers the port, and the town with a view from the church tower, the beach by taxi, the fortress, and a boat trip out to shipwreck bay.

The port has two jetties that can take four ships, and they also use the nearby container port and shuttle you in. That means it can be busy. The port area is colourful and charming, the people are amongst the nicest you will find in the Caribbean, and it is easy for your day to drift by without having gone anywhere. Busy! It can also be a tender port.

The town square and a walk to the church with the viewing tower should not be missed. However, please watch this video, and share it before you go as the climb is narrow and the route unusual. If walking is not easy for you, there is the electric street train. Another great sight is the local fishermen cleaning their catch.

We have two trips to the beach, the first by taxi and we walk to Shipwreck Shack, and the other is a boat trip in the other direction to the very different Shipwreck Bay which has better sand.

0:00 St Kitts Port, Basseterre
1:24 Beach by Taxi
2:23 Shipwreck Shack
3:02 The Town
4:15 Church Tower (view)
6:00 Local Fishermen
6:36 Fortress
10:45 Beach Boat Trip

St Kitts is near Nevis, and near St Marten. The Colonial invasion killed every indigenous person that lived there and there is a ride across the island that deals with that history. We have yet to do that trip, but it is said to be one of the most attractive train journeys in the world. It will no doubt be added to a future trip, although if Jean has her way, we will do the boat trip again. St Kitts is an island of friendly, smiling people ready to welcome you.

The last time we visited St Kitts we decided to go on an excursion. This was a tour offered by the cruise ship. We were escorted onto a fun boat and were given vouchers for rum-punch or soft drinks. The crew were super friendly and after we were shown where the life jackets were, the music started. The steel band were excellent. The idea was that we would sail along the coast with some commentary and stop at the shipwreck beach. The crew put some food out for the fish, and we had a great view of some different kinds of sea life. When we stopped at the beach it was idyllic and once you were in the water was warm. It was like our own private beach party. We stayed for a while and then it was time to get back on the boat and party all the way back.

This was a very popular tour and I cannot recommend it highly enough. One I would definitely do again!

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St Kitts is almost unspoilt by modernisation and commercialism, and the town and the people are friendly – the local taxis are easy as you will see from our film of the Brimstone Hill Fortress. A couple of its neighbours have been spoilt by nature. We had a great time there. St Kitts sits almost between Guadeloupe and Antigua.

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