St Lucia, Port Castries Guide film – 10k views

Our St Lucia Guide film has hit over 10,000 views.Castries in St Lucia it is a busy town. Previously we have made films of the Soufriere Volcano Tour, the Botanical Gardens. We now also have the Rain Forest Hike, Sky Ride, and Zip Wire Adventures.

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It is easy to walk around Castries, but the trolley train will get you round more than you may care to walk with guided information, and a Segway tour may offer a more personal approach with a chance to ask questions and stop where you want, but there is little to see in this port town that cannot be done easily. Like all colonial islands it was effectively captured by catholics, so there is a huge church that holds a congregation of 2000 and other churches were erected to challenge it. Those and the market give you a taste of the island, on which you will notice that every window has iron bars, not just at ground floor level. This need for security may be an indication of your personal care when walking around town. St Lucia has the familiar Caribbean buses that will stop and take you any where for a couple of EC dollars or one US dollar, so a 1A bus stopped just at the edge of town on the road that runs towards the airport is a quick way to the beach. You can stop any where along the sea front when you have got to the far side of the airport runway, there are trees for shade all along. This is Vigil Beach, very walkable if you have time, water, a hat and sun cream – which you will have if you are off to the beach. Our film shows you a little of the town, and the walkable beach. We got a friendly policeman to drop us there, and a bus part way back so never walked the whole route. However, we guess it is just over half an hours walk. Currency – Eastern Caribbean Dollars. They will always take US dollars but it will cost more. Temperatures normally always in the 80’s. It can rain, but it is warm, but cameras will need protecting.

Here we show you the town and walk to the local beach which is not far.

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Beaches – Rodney Bay is about 20 minutes by cab and they have no meters in St Lucia, they should adhere to fixed fees. In 2018 the charge seemed to be no more than USD 25 each way. Car sharing makes it cheap. Ask for the beach, or Spinnakers if you want to hire shade and beds. Similarly, Marigot Bay is a little further and costs about USD 40 each way. If you are looking for Duty-Free shopping see our other blog.



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St Lucia has an embarrassing and bloody history but survives as a jewel with much to see from fishing villages to volcanoes and forests. It is the second-largest of the four islands that make up the Windward group. Its neighbours are St Vincent and Grenada. Columbus arrived in 1502 and the British in 1605 but they failed to survive. The island has changed hands many times. In the port town, Derek Walcott Square is actually old Columbus Square, but is was renamed in 1992 when the locally born poet and playwright won the great prize. There is also a bust cast of him in the park alongside their other Nobel prize winner. The market day is Saturday, but it is well represented every day except Sunday.

We suggest this is an island to enjoy the beach or take a tour. The rain forest hike we did is tough, but there is a sky ride that requires no effort. See those adventures here on Doris Visits.

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