St Lucia, Rain Forest Hike – ship organised tour

This was a ship-organised tour; we booked the Jaquot Trail Hike. We left the ship by bus after signing a waiver and travelled through the interesting and lush countryside after beating the traffic of Castries. The journey was about an hour did not seem long and was faster coming back. It was like a coach tour with a friendly, interesting and amusing driver. We arrived at the Rain Forest Sky Rides Park which employs about 120 guides, peaking to more when busy. They have very clean, well-attended facilities. Four toilets plus a disabled, plus urinals in the gents. The medical room and equipment rooms were all well-kept and the equipment was new. There was a gift shop and rest area. Good shoes are recommended, a change of shirt might be an idea and a walking stick for hiking if you use one. If you need a medical walking aid, the hike is NOT for you. There are three activities at the centre.

  • Aerial Tram
  • St Lucia Ziplining Adventure (choice of – one 8 zips, one nine zips)
  • Jaquot Trail Hike

The Ariel Tram is for those who do not wish to tackle the other two but wish to have an informative tour of the rainforest. (Walking is less than half the price!). The tram takes about an hour. We chose the exorcise, the heavy route and the ground was slippery as it had rained. The clue is in the name! We were given a small bottle of water to go, and a drink on return which was enough for us. Some had finished their water early in the heat. One lady slipped twice; she was bravely doing this with a pre-known medical condition which meant she was exhausted. Neither time was she hurt, but she was checked and at the bottom given a full look-over in the medical room before she was allowed on the bus and a report filled in. It is a centre that is run the same way as an adventure centre would be back home. Sure, it has spiders and snakes, but we have some in the UK and we never saw anything to worry us, which is as the guide expected. Apart from crabs, termites, gecko-like creatures, and hummingbirds, we saw no wildlife, and there are no orchids on this trail though they do exist in the forest. The guide was clear, in control, and truly knowledgeable which must come from good, organised training so I would expect this to be quite uniform. All in all, we thought it was excellent value, our legs ached, and we knew we have climbed top marks. Great trip. Please watch the film and share. Please press the yellow share on the Facebook button on this page. 

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St Lucia Castries Port & local beach and the tour to the volcano, Soufriere and the Diamond Botanical Gardens are all cover on other films, just click the name. The Volcano and gardens are often combined, take a costume if you wish to bath in the sulphur waters.



We suggest this is an island to enjoy either the beach or take a tour. Whilst this was tough, you could do this while others in your party did the sky ride that requires no effort. See all the adventures and ports here on Doris Visits. If you have already booked with P&O you can book this tour through our link to your personal planner at P&O as you can tables for dinner and if on the Britannia you can reserve a table at the Limelight we are P&O (and other cruise operators) affiliates. The internet is a wonderful thing!

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