Stockholm, Abba Museum / Mamma Mia – here we go again, on a tour

The Abba Museum

in Djurgården in the Country that gave us the TV series The Bridge, is mega popular. Is the Abba Museum worth it? YES – We think so, so do hundreds of others so we advise the ship tour as they get you in, or you might pre-book online, and possibly add the VASA museum and get there under your own steam. For adventurers with no trouble walking, it is easy. Shuttle bus from the ship; walk along the harbour; ferry to Djurgarden; walk to the museum.

What is it like? We’ll show you. And we show you the incredible VASA museum. Let’s say it is not to be missed really, neither is Vasa…. the second film lead out by Meryl Streep and Cher, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again as well as the music on some ships, has increased the flow to the museum, so we suggest getting a time entrance online if planning to go and watch our film on how to get the ferry to Djurgarden and the film on the VASA

Where is the Abba Museum – this is it on Google map – take the ferry – click to see Mamma Mia, Eurovision & Abba Museum – The interactive Abba Museum, inspired by the success of the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, is fun and is a must whatever your music tastes for it is a piece of real history.  A band that had huge success and still does, as their music is used in film and on stage. The Mamma Mia sensation has brought a whole new generation to the music who never saw them win Eurovision. Despite the popularity, few realise that much of their music is about being unhappy, breaking up, and divorced. The museum offers an interactive commentary device and Jean highly recommends you give yourself a couple of hours there. Of the many strange exhibits, there is Benny’s Piano, a piano linked to Benny’s own piano in his home, so when he plays at home, it plays. There is also a recreation of their Polar Studio. The night you leave some will dress up… just saying. This blog is hopefully one you will share. Skip the line with the online ticket.

  • Our Stockholm guide film Chapters:
  • 1:00 Old Town
  • 3:35 Finding the Ferry
  • 4:36 Tovoli
  • 5:14 Abba Museum
  • 11:47 Vasa Museum
  • 15:26 Ferry back
  • 15:40 Middle island
  • 15:56 Evening Sail Out

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The Abba Museum needs time, there lies the problem with the cruise stop in Stockholm, like so many it is too short. You cannot do everything in one day. This cruise often has an ‘Abba’ night after Stockholm, and many will dress in glam rock. Here are some easy cheap accessories that will take up no room in your case and be cheaper to buy before you leave. People ask about dress and themes, well there might be a 70’s night or an Abba night on this cruise. Our film on the Old Town is essential for viewing.