Stockholm Palace, Changing of the Guard

Though it is said to be famous for 3 things, Abba, Ikea, and Nobel, the Changing of the Guard to the music of a Swedish Armed Forces marching band at the palace is a spectacle. It is easy to find as it is inside the main palace and can be combined with a leisurely walk around the 13th-century Old Town but get there early to have a good spot. It starts at 12.15 and lasts about 40 minutes. On Sundays, it starts at 1.15. Note the times and plan around them if you wish to see more of the fourteen islands and 50 bridges that make up Stockholm. The Royal Guards march from the Obelisk, on Slottsbacken to the south side of the Royal Palace ready to start. You are not allowed to climb the building to try and get a better view. Here is the film of the changing of the guard Between the three films and the various guides we hope you can plan your stay. Please share our films.

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To see this planning your movement is key. The Abba Museum is on another island with the Tivoli amusement park. If you are off the ship early you could take the ferry and go there first, it is less risky than rushing after seeing the changing of the guard. But then you have to fit in the Old Town. Our advice is to always do the things furthest away from the ship first and end up close to home. The ship waits for no man or woman. Tips…

  1. STOCKHOLM is a full day, start early plan your route to hit times if you want to see the Changing of the guard.
  2. Abba Museum first by ferry from the shuttle coach drop off.
  3. Back for the midday Changing Of The Guards, then the Old Town.
  4. Walking Shoes.   (see our film on what to take on the Baltic)
  5. Please share your pictures with us and share these films with other cruisers.

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