Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm is famous for 3 things, Abba, Ikea and Nobel. The Nobel Peace prize is still presented in Stockholm each year, and there is a Nobel Museum. There is also an Abba Museum which is fantastic. Ikea do not have a museum to our knowledge, not yet!Stockholm Old Town Map Stockholm Printable Tourist Map Stockholm OLD TOWN is both pleasant and easy to explore. Stockholm itself is the capital of Sweden made up of 14 islands joined by 50 bridges at the mouth of Lake Mälaren which makes the sail in very peaceful. The whole Baltic Cruise was a smooth ride, but the sail away from Stockholm was a treat, the water is as flat as glass, the sun over the small islands intriguing and magical. The Old Town (Gamla Stan) is a must, steeped in Stockholm history it features the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, the period north German architecture and the Nobel Museum. It is worth looking at the film to get the flavour.

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We also cover the lengthy changing of the guard on a separate film. BALTIC STOPS can include. AABENRAA AARHUS  AARLBORG AMSTERDAM BRUGES COPENHAGEN FREDERICIA  GDANSK GOTHENBURG HAMBURG HELSINGBORG HELSINKI HUNDESTED KALUNDBORG KIELE KLAIPEDA MALMO MARIEHAHN MURMANSK OSLO RIGA RØNNE SKAGEN ST PETERSBURG STOCKHOLM TALLINN TRAVEMUNDE VISBY WARNEMUNDE The total number of islands making up Sweden is in the thousands and every blog seems to offer a different number depending on what it classes as an island, but, there is a lot of water. Stockholm offers bus, boat and metro and tours on all. The Abba Museum is cheaper booked in advance on line. Start by taking a look at our overview film of Stockholm and the Old Town.

Find your ship’s chat site + share your pictures + experiences to help others The end of the above general film on Stockholm takes you across on the ferry to the Tivoli Park and Abba museum which is featured on another film, then Doris walks back across the bridge. The film will help you see where the places are and how they are joined. The great thing about the film is that it is like looking round, rather than looking at a map. Then when you look at the map it is more obvious where the islands are in relation to each other. Stockholm needs that and the general film really helps to quickly orientate and get your bearings. FRED OLSEN BALTIC CRUISE MARELLA BALTIC CRUISE P&O BALTIC CRUISE SAGA new ships in BALTIC 

A full understanding of Stockholm and how much it has to offer might not happen until a second visit because whatever you do, whether boat or bus, it is not until you have done it once and walked and ferried that you see how it all joins up. There is no doubt that some forms of transport can be quicker for some journeys and the answer is not automatic. However, this medieval town, that has had people migrating to it since the stone age is a must because in the middle of a street you can find ancient palaces as you will see from this main film of the city tour.

See an overview of a complete Baltic Cruise route here, and go direct to the operator’s sites via their cards on this site or links below. Direct via these links will give you the latest best deal and availability. Here we have all the Baltic destinations and many of the tours, some it is way cheaper to book on line below before you travel.


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