ISTANBUL city, history and culture explained in an amazing 3D model

The most fascinating way to discover the history and features of Istanbul. The city of fried fish sandwiches and street BBQ sweetcorn, which was established in the 7th century BCE, will not disappoint. Nelson thought it should be the capital of the world.

This is a film of a team from Warwick University that creates a 3D map of Istambul which reveals its past both inside out unlocking its secrets and its history.

Byzantium, renamed Constantinople in 330CE by the Romans was a major trading city on the Silk Road. It is now known as Istanbul, is a major city in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia: Istanbul looks across the Bosphorus Strait, which it relies on for supplies and passage. The Old City is a mix of cultural influences left behind by the empires that once ruled here.

Throughout the Roman era, the Hippodrome in the Sultanahmet district was not only the site of chariot races, but its structure was the biggest water cistern in the city fed by the longest manmade water canals that brought drinking water from the mountains 200 miles away.

The Holy Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque features a 6th-century dome with and rare Christian mosaic. The circular dome hides the square form it stands on, and the buildings around it have been added over the years to stop the walls from splaying outwards First, a cathedral that then became a mosque and finally a museum, still stills in glory after 1,500 years of fighting and earthquakes.

What makes it tick? Why has this city been so famous? – are all answered here. It is an ideal source of research before looking at the tours and tourist films. See our private tours blog.

Another wonder of science is that you may have seen this one-hour documentary done word for word by other presenters, and its because they just have to follow the same script and they are digitally put into the film. We will see if we can try.

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