TRÜMMELBACH FALLS, Lauterbrunnen Valley, near Interlaken, Switzerland

Ten cascading glacier waterfalls make up TRÜMMELBACH FALLS. Best seen in the summer, it can be cold, maybe wet, may be slippery. Most of our team had shorts and a tee shirt. The falls are in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, near Interlaken, Switzerland a site for the most peaceful and incredible lake trips by boat. These are lake boat trips with views you will never forget and we found an English team out there who have a range of great properties. That led us to a new supplier, HomeAway.

The Trummelbach falls are said to be the drainage for the Eiger (3967 m), Mönch (4099 m), and Jungfrau (4158 m). Whilst it is hard to measure how much water there is again, as much as 20,000 litres thunders through the Trümmelbach chasm every second. It is a viewing tunnel that was opened in its first form as far back as 1877. It is open from early April to early November. It is not suitable for those who have a disability that precludes them from many difficult wet steps. It is certainly not accessible by any form of chair or pushchair. No pets are allowed. Small children might be better on a lead too.

An area of incredible beauty where many people die wingsuit flying and base jumping, our team took the safer option of white water rafting down the mighty Lütschine with Stan. A very different boat! And harsh on two artificial knees! 

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This great summer break is an adventure outdoor holiday, very different to a cruise. Walking, train rides, canyon swings and adventures, rafting, cycling and much more. We wish we could have stayed longer but it was just us getting away from a ship for a while. Switzerland is landlocked but has the most incredible lakes. These are two of the best known. Cruisers who disembark at Venice and have train adventures might like to look at this route. It is about 8 hours with tickets for about $60. However, we doubt you would do it in one hit because Verona is a major attraction on the way that should not be missed. Then there is Milan from where you can travel to Interlaken. The places to see from Interlaken could keep you there for some time and make you realise where the young take gap years, a tradition fast being copied by the young at heart.

Local web site for the falls seen below in our video   

Our trusted contact for accommodation is the English team of Juliette and Marcus. Their properties are with HomeAway 

This is the view from the large balcony where we stayed.

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