Visit with us, the Viking Neptune – what a wonderful cruise ship

Quite simply the Viking Neptune is a wonderful all balcony ship with spacious Explorer suites. Once sailed on, you will not be able to judge other ships by the high standards it sets. Viking has a style, and it is not based on budget. It is not a ship that you look at for a budget or bargain cruise, it is a cruise that is a wonderful holiday and there is no finer way to travel, if there is, we haven’t done that yet. They may suggest that once you add in the free drinks with meals, the free fast WIFI, the free additional fine dining restaurants and a free tour at most stops, what you have to lay out saves to the point of making it a very reasonable holiday with the beautifully designed in the understated elegance for which Viking is known.

Technically it is a small ship, and although there seems far too many facilities for a small ship it has under 1000 guests so hits the title. Just as its eight sister ships (the number is growing), she is about 47,800 tons, 465 cabins with accommodation for 930 passengers.

The Neptune marks a quantum leap in the longstanding cooperation between Viking and Fincantieri for designing, delivering and operating sustainable and eco-friendly cruise vessels. It embodies the first result of the experimental hydrogen fuel cell module, with a nominal power of 100 kW. There appears to be, at any given time, at least one, but many more than one new ship being built for Viking.

The difference the guest sees starts in the way they are approached. The daily events paper is just that, it is not trying to sell things. There is no pressure to buy anything. There is no pressure. The quality of food is comparable to a top restaurant. Quite simply, you are in a top city hotel and not a motel. The staff dress and address you in a way you would expect if entering a Park Lane Hotel.

We have two versions of the film, and on both we use the music of the very talented Laurence Murray. His song Nothing More To Say/Red Thread of Fate should be a hit. Laurence’s own Spotify page is here. The Red Thread of Fate is a love song, and is inspired by the Red Thread of Marriage, joining, and other variants of togetherness even when apart. It is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese mythology.

The shorter 6 minute long version of the filmed tour of the Viking Neptune is here.

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Gross tonnage 47,842 grt

Length overall 228.2 m

Beam moulded 28.8 m

Design draught 6,45 m

Service speed 17 kn

Max Speed 20 kn

Classification Society – Lloyd’s Register


Propulsion Electric Motors 2 x 7250 kW

MAN 9L32/44CR 2 x 5040 kW

MAN 12V32/44CR 2 x 6720 kW

Total installed el. power 23,520 kW


Passenger cabins 473

Owner Suite 1

Suites 46

Deluxe 104

Balcony 314

Outside cabins ratio 100%

Balcony cabins ratio 98,31%


Crew cabins 265


Max persons on board 1,443

The Viking Cruises page for the Neptune with deck plans is here