Meet Villa Vie Odyssey

Have you seen that the Braemar, previously with Cunard and Fred Olsen, has popped up as a long term cruise ship or home. Meet Villa Vie Odyssey.

Claiming to be the cruise ship of the digital nomad, the person who can work from anywhere, this is living at sea in luxury, with offices and a golf pro. The living spaces are referred to as villas, not cabins or suites.

The private offices and conference spaces have Starlink and Viasat 3 connections which will provide fast and reliable internet access for all residents and guests.

The statement implies you can live on the ship, invites guests to stay for a week or a conference, and also holiday there. So, will the face of cruisers change. Will these new digital nomads, the code writing genius take advantage of this sea life and have a life style of permanent service and off shore tax status?

The ship will also feature an interactive and educational culinary center, as well as a pioneering golf-around the world program for residents complete with onboard golf simulator and tours and classes led by a Master PGA Professional.

It looks like it has had a face lift. Villa Vie Odyssey offers an intimate, new cruise lifestyle, and the ability to reach parts of the world that larger ships cannot access – often docking in the heart of destinations.

The ship’s flatter hull enables her to navigate inland waterways and rivers too.

Digital nomads cruise to off shore tax status and full service luxury. Whilst some unemployed say it is cheaper to live on a cruise ship. Both ends of the fiscal scale say yes. It is just the ships they use differ. 


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