VISBY, the capital of Gotland, the largest Swedish island in the Baltics

Gotland is a relaxing calming island in south East Sweden which is said to take your heart rate down. The 3,040-meter limestone wall around the well preserved Hanseatic capital of Visby began construction around 1220 but in earnest in 1270 and took over 150 years to complete. It looks like a proper castle, re-inforced by 44 towers some as high as 20 meters. You might think to be an island it was built because of attacks from abroad, but, it was built to protect the city from attacks by local farmers who were prohibited access to the city. However, it was larger powers who eventually breached the wall. The history is mixed, from stone age man to Vikings and then German merchants. From the 13th century, Visby was one of the main trading centres between East and West. in 1225 the huge St. Mary Cathedral was consecrated, and it was used for worship and storing money and valuables. It has been restored and is worth visiting even for its many scary gargoyles because it is the only religious building that survived the bickering throughout the centuries. There ruins of other churches everywhere and the St Catherine Church is an amazing huge ruin. There is a beautiful German looking square, which has throughout history held a market day. It is hard not to sit and have a beer here.

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