Doris Visits respects copyright and therefore avoids the use of all commercial music that we have not purchased. Almost of the music used on our sites is composed for us by Mark Blackledge who has composed for a number of our movies and TV series and whom we co-manage. All enquires about the talents of Mark Blackledge can be sent via our contact page.

Our Doris Visits videos and films are all made by us and the contributions of those interviewed is done with them knowing they are being interviewed and on camera for the web. Stills images are mainly our own and for which we own the copyright.

Stills images from third parties selling themselves or their products are used to further their endeavours. This ranges from cabaret artists to tourist authorities and they are used under either ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Creative Commons License’, the purpose is to expose their exposure further.

Film and TV clips. Where we use clips from our own movies (Freight, Bula Quo, The Scarlet Tunic, Devil’s Gate etc), we own the copyright even though we may have licensed the film to a distributor like Universal or ICON. In those cases, the sites that the clips are stored on are specifically agreed and are ‘white listed’ by YouTube / Google so the digital spiders know who we are. Clips from other TV shows we have been in are often contended by YouTube and other copyright systems and we reply with the claim that we use them under ‘Fair Trade’. This means that they use the clips without payment to advertise their shows and on magazine shows, we use the clips to expose our created work within those shows. The claim has always been removed with them allowing our continued use.

We are affiliated to many of the companies we expose and have financial relationships with them, at the time of writing this includes P&O, SAGA, Fred Olsen, Marella, MSC, Princess, Costa and Amazon. Links, pictures and information are all used and created for the joint benefit of both parties.

We link to other YouTube Channels and Films.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]