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Doris Visits lists every popular cruise port, most with maps, tours, weather, and many with our own filmed destination guides – we walk off the ship, into a port, and film what is there. I guess that makes us old YouTubers! Come over and join us – we have tried to explain and show the CRUISE ROUTES as playlists of ports. It might be the easiest way to get a handle on cruising. 

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This year they sent us an award for being a YouTube partner. We produce safe family no comment output about cruising. Never negative. 

Doris Visits lists over 450 ships with global finders, details, pictures and where we can passenger area tours and links to the operator.

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About Us


Why Doris?  It was a character Jean played in a TV show and we started the port guides as a little spin-off. It took over. I mean, rode into town and said this is it.

Who is Jean?  Jean is a West End and Broadway actress who now has her own one woman show called Royal Mistresses, which she performs at guilds and on ships. Hence, she cruises – a bit. She now presents TV and is known by many cruisers for her Doris Visits port guides.

Who is Stuart?  He had had to learn to point a camera (at Jean) and when on ship, writes cruise crime novels, that all come out of his crazy ‘what if?’ head. He was a radio DJ, a stuntman and went on to be a movie director before writing novels.

Who is their son? Luke Aikman was the young Colin Firth in Fever Pitch and appeared in Freight. He is now a producer and business entrepreneur and has given us two grandchildren (well, we borrow them)

Who is their daughter? Laura Aikman is known for being the girlfriend in the Christmas Gavin and Stacey, and Dyan Cannon in Archie. Some grew up with her Saturday show, Mysti. She has been an editor on the first of the CSCI books.

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Walking, and Snow Skiing with an Exoskeleton after double knee replacement surgery

Many cruisers work their way to the Fjords and remember when their knees allowed them to ski the White Mountains.

The Good Ship Murder shot in Malta recommissioned for two more series

The Good Ship Murder has been commissioned for series two and three.

Meet Villa Vie Odyssey

Have you seen that the Braemar, previously with Cunard and Fred Olsen, has popped up as a long term cruise ship or home. Meet Villa Vie Odyssey.

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