Website Policy

Website Policy


If we mention he or she or refer to any gender in any way, it is more than likely we mean it in a generic way, so the term is used to me he, she, or any gender known or yet to be invented throughout the whole universe known or yet to be discovered.

As travellers we cross borders, mix with all peoples or beliefs and cultures and try never to judge but observe, never to comment but inform. We try and show all facilities and possibilities and offer the viewer to choose and decide whether they wish to research more or visit and discover.

Doris Visits aims to offer options and possibilities at the time of the visit, filming or acquired information, and these abilities, possibilities and charges whether financial or moral can change with time. Doris Visits is a window to help you engage with a wider world, not to be narrowed by opinion. Enjoy. Respect. Travel.

We try not to review in opinionated ways, but to show what is available. We encourage our Facebook chat groups to not be used for moaning or weaponising.

For any contact please find us at [email protected] because we could be anywhere.