Cruise Chat is the greatest way to share and discover. CUNARD CRUISE group by Doris Visits on the Facebook platform is the place to meet friendly like-minded cruisers; Cunard cruisers who like cruising. Our friendly Cunard family has members who are new to cruising right through to some very experienced sailors. There is always someone to help with questions or even a member to share specialist knowledge from diet to mobility. Our Doris Visits chat groups are not a place to moan, even if we do occasionally criticise it has to be done constructively or in a helpful way. Our groups are for those cruisers who love cruising. If someone says they hate the ship, we take that as an invitation for us to remove them from the group. Actually, we don’t – the members report them, we only react. 

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With our associated Doris Visits YouTube Cruise Port Guide Channel, presented by Jean, you will find the films we made as cruisers stopping at the world’s cruise ports. Films from fellow guests are listed here. On our YouTube channel, there are specialist playlists on shopping, botanical gardens and religious buildings at destinations. We follow cruise routes… yes, we take you there – virtually.

Government advice country by country

The main Doris Visits website has a menu for every cruise ship with filmed tours and cabin tours. The destination menu has over 1,000 world ports and over 250 ships with world locators. We post more including insurance links, tips and PCR testing links.

For those who read on the ship – we have a menu of cozy cruise mysteries and cruise thrillers. The Cruise Ship Crime Investigators series is from us, from years of cruising and knowing the ship above and below decks. Income from the books goes back into the online platforms and widgets.

click to chat – Cunard Cruise Group on Facebook

As Jean Heard and I (Stuart St Paul) sail the globe, her doing her one-woman show Royal Mistresses, and me talking about my books and movie career, we make more films and this resource will get bigger. Here are some notes to help you.

CUNARD DRESS CODE: Evenings on board a Cunard Queen exude a sense of occasion, but they’re also as relaxed as you want them to be. There’s no need to dress to the nines each night if you don’t want to, and you’ll find many areas on board where casual dress is welcome.” 

The majority of guests travelling with Cunard embrace the chance to switch to smart attire by night. This doesn’t mean you’ll be expected to wear a gown or dinner jacket each evening. Smart attire simply means a dress shirt and trousers / a skirt and a top, or a cocktail dress. Essentially, choose something along the same vein as you’d wear to a stylish restaurant or the theatre on a special occasion.

At least twice on each seven-night voyage, there is a Gala Evening. They do ask that guests observe a black-tie dress code. Many guests choose to sail with Cunard specifically because they look forward to these events.

In addition – Gala Evenings follow one of a few themes. It is our experience at Doris Visits that guess actually research the theme of that Gala and purchase and take whatever it is. A 1920’s, American, prohibition period might be a theme. You don’t have to join in, but many will. We suggest you check. The answer can be simple, click the Amazon picture to take you into a variety of answers that others will be using.

SMOKING: For the safety and comfort of our guests, smoking (including electronic alternatives) is not permitted within the terminal or on board the ship. Although we have designated areas of the open deck on each ship where smoking is permitted, during the tour we ask guests to refrain from smoking as the ship may be refuelling whilst in port. Check your contract (booking terms).

Travel Insurance and Antigen Tests are essential. We list some cruise travel insurance companies used by guests and some Antigen Test bodies. We advise that you shop around and read ALL the small print, and use insurance and tests appropriate to your travel requirements and contracts that you are entering into.


Cruise Insurance from Just Travel    Over seventies Insurance from Just Travel

Cruise Insurance from StaySure   SAGA cruise insurance   TUI/Marella Cruise Insurance


Requirements change from day to day and country to country. Trust the information on Government websites.

My Health Checked – home tests PCR specific – click here for details

Zava Med – PCR and Antigen home tests – Click for information

Corona Test Centre – PCR and Antigen home tests – click

Flysurance – Antigen home tests – click for details

Official Rapid Tests – Antigen home tests – click for information

4 Medical Clinical Solutions – click here for details

PLF – Passenger Locator Form

This is a form that can be required to enter a country. The UK uses PLF, other countries have their own rules. CHECK CURRENT ADVICE HERE

Expect insurance companies to ask for your medical records before they payout, declare them honestly at the outset. It has always been a condition of booking a cruise that you have cruise valid insurance. Booking a cruise means you are entering and agreeing to a contract and the terms and demands.

The new UK EHICard and a UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC).

Press here for the link to take you to the government GLOBAL HEALTH page

Link the box uses is this –