Doris Visits, the Cruise and Travel show is on-line

Watch Doris Visits is free on YouTube, or there is one in Olympia that is not free. If you want to visit the yearly Cruise Show at Olympia, then there is always a discount code to save money on tickets. This year the show is on the 16th and 17th of February and the discount code is 50% off with code London50 (expires 17/02/19) on their web site. This repeats each year if we are out of date. Note the discount ends after the show finishes! We don’t give more detail that that as many of our guests were very disappointed, had travelled a long way and stayed inside for a very short time. There are holiday and cruise shows around the country from other organisations, search cruise show on the internet and find the others.

With so much about cruise on the television, you get to see the ship, back to front, top to bottom. The 4k 65 inch TV screens are becoming very normal. We judge what is selling by our local Costco and it always makes our TV’s look old and small. So it is warmer and cheaper. If you have a smart Tv then save the Doris Visits YouTube channel.

All we do is visit the ports like a cruiser, from a ship, and film what we see in about four hours. We are normally back for tea and scones! With 5G you will be watching TV everywhere on your phone (take headphones). The Doris Visits YouTube channel can now hit 100,000 views a month. Please subscribe, watch your cruise ports before you go. Or, our favourite idea, read one of our adventure cruise ship crime novels written by the team here at Doris Visits who have written movies and TV until these books.

Doris Visits on YouTube

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