Pete Matthews – comedy juggler – no one is safe

We might not be inspired by the headline comedy juggler, and if you are the same prepare to be shocked, as we were, at just how funny and engaging Pete and his whole act is. He is widely regarded as the premiere act in the this field, and that is not just a line. Pete started performing live in the streets of Covent Garden, non easy task. Less so as he was just 15. Now a father with two children, he has the more stable life of the cruise ship, where for over 12 years he has travelled all over the world with cruise lines fighting to schedule him.

He has no fear, as you can see when he spotted Lord Archer in his auduence. Forget the juggling, forget he does it with all the weird stuff from axes to 7 balls, sure he is good at that, but his banter, his audience work is side splitingly funny, because he is naturally a funny man. We found him locked outside his cabin in his under-pants – don’t ask, we didn’t, we left him there.

Ask him on his twitter account! You can follow him @PeteTheJuggler

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