The ship’s amazing Bublé Tribute Kai gets his own record deal and changes his name to Mark Kingswood

Kai is hauntingly good! Don’t just take it from us, take it from Michael. Were you ever lucky enough to see him on a ship? Kai has now signed a deal in Canada and is now being sold by his new record label as Mark Kingswood. His old accounts are changing to the new ones so follow him at @mark_kingswood  Mark Kingswood YouTube site

We hope that means this incredible talent has not been lost from the ships, but he has recorded his first album, so watch this space for an update. Talented singer and songwriter Kai is so good you close your eyes and it is MB – but he is now recording as himself. As the Bublé Tribute, he was seen and approved by Michael himself. Now Kai and Mark Kingswood,  has his own deal as well as having written songs that Michael has considered, but maybe he will make them a hit himself first. Kai loves to tell the story of how on Sunday the 7th July 2013, Michael invited him backstage after his concert at the O2 arena in London. Whilst Kai felt embarrassed to explain he was a tribute it turned out that Michael knew all about him. Now he has his own deal Youtube videos

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Kai explains that Michael was a very genuine lovely guy and he invited Kai to return the next night to the O2 as his guest with special tickets. Now he has a deal and watch this space.


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