Dominica – island tour, panoramic view of Morne Bruce

As with all first visits to a new island, it is best to see the tour before heading off to a special area. The tours you buy in town may not have all that is promised and the later you go, the less likely you are to see all the things on the vendor’s standard sales board. Go late and there will be no time to stop. The ship tours will normally get to the promised points of interest. Morne Bruce, the British stronghold is a certainty to be on most tours, if for nothing else other than the panoramic view. The barracks are destroyed and there is a remaining cannon and a few walls.

The National Park is beautiful, and the tour feels good value at $20. Aim for a bus already full of the driver will be hawking for business until he has at least four.

The key to this tour is the Rain Forest. There is a government welcome centre and a $5 charge. The guides work off tips and are very good and knowledgable. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready. There is a public bus that can get you there if you plan to venture off to the falls and swim, something few tours would wait for. Watch the bus times for getting back, although any tour driver is easily bribed to add you to their return journey.

Trafalgar Falls are twin waterfalls, 1 with a cold-water pool, 1 with hot spring water, which is reachable by a short trail. Some rock climbing is there, the right footwear is advised.

Research your destination by looking at the best of what the local experts offer.

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There is a fascinating beach here, called Champagne Beach, but it is a good taxi ride there. We will cover that the next time we visit. For those who wish to be pedantic about which group the island belongs to, it is the Lesser Antilles Windward. It has been transferred from the Leeward – not that they moved it. Please take a look at all our videos of ports.

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